Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Lots of Cloths...

When I'm knitting cloths to use for Dishcloths and Facecloths, texture is something I look for. Maybe because texture makes it feel like it could scrub somewhat better? Or that it feels good? I don't know. I do know that when knitting them up, texture makes it less boring? That doesn't sound quite right. Here are a couple of cloths ready to go. The first two are the same cloth, with one exception. It's the Grandmother's favorite that everyone and their mothers have been using since the dawn of time. At least since WorkBook ran the pattern in their knitting magazine back in the 1950's. I got my first one in 1982. My Dad's church was holding it's annual Bazaar, and when Mom found the dishcloths there, she knew I could knit these up quickly. Good Mom that she is...she even sent along the pattern. I however, being knitting snobby at the time, thought....sheeeeeshhhhhhh....knit dishcloths? How ew.....

Boy have those days ever changed now!
My Brother calls my knitting my 'art'. You see, he's a fabulous artist! I remember when he was in Junior High/High school, he could recopy the posters everyone had on their walls onto poster board! BY HAND! Now, he makes latex masks - the kind you see in movies like Freddy Krueger, Planet of the Apes..etc...his talent is amazing. Oh, and did I mention he made his first movie last year? Talent, I tell you...oddles and oddles of talent! When I gave him a knitted beanie for Father's Day last year, it meant a lot to me when he later told me that it was my art. I had never thought of it that way.

When I was laying in bed for 2 years after I got hurt and was knitting beanies for the troops, and other charity knitting, my Dad said it was my Ministry. Again, it took me by surprise to hear him say that. It gave me chills actually to hear that over the phone. To me, it was a way of maintaining sanity in a situation that had NO decent purpose as far as I was concerned. I couldn't get the insurance company or the court system to do what I wanted/needed, but signing up and committing to knitting for the benefit of others gave me some purpose and a timeline. Something that had been missing from my life the moment I had forgotten to 'bounce' in the parking lot. It's amazing what a sense of purpose can do for your psyche.
Today, I knit a lot of dish/facecloths. They're small portable projects. They're relatively inexpensive to make. If you don't like big deal, wash a car with them.! If the garbage disposal doesn't like it? Or rather should I say..when the garbage disposal really likes them....make a few more! If you have to spend your time washing dishes....or you want the kids to claim their laundry in the bathroom...why not use something you can make that costs less and can be personalized? After all....I wish I'd thought of the facecloth idea when my kids were can tell who isn't picking up after themselves if they have their initial or favorite picture on the cloths left behind in a wet pile! Thank you Rhonda for your patterns!

Plus, they make nice little gifts for someone's kitchen, or a pick me up post surgery. How about for little additions to a baby gift? Or a shower gift for the bride's new kitchen...or when your kids go off to college, and are going to be in the dorms, make them a little something to remind them from home, that won't be like anyone else's, or for holiday times when they can't be at the family holiday tables. Or, or, or, or, or....

Boy, have I gotten off track (big surprise - huh?) from the first paragraph! What I was going to mention had to do with the difference between the first two. They're the Grandmother's pattern. You know. K3, YO, knit to the end. I like to start mine with 5 stitches, and use 3 stitches on each side. Personal preference here. However, a couple of years ago while making squares for afghans, I wanted to use the pattern without the lacy holes. By changing the increase stitches from a YO, to a M1, and twisting it, you can get a fairly square cloth where fingers won't catch. This pattern works great for afghan squares, you just continue the basic pattern until you reach your desired size.
The third pattern is my own. New Year's Day of 2005 found me looking for something to do. Playing with the needles and yarn I wrote out and knitted up this dishcloth. It's got the amount of texture I like in a cloth, is a very simple pattern and looks cute if I do say so myself. Now that I've got another one made up, I'm thinking that I could start handing out some cloths as thank yous for people I think are doing a great job...little things that really cost about 60 cents to make, depending upon the brand of 100% cotton I use. I'm making them up anyway, keeps my desk top computer from gathering a stack of dishcloths, don't you think? What do you think? If someone gave you a dishcloth as a tip, would you like that?

NYD ’05 Dishcloth Pattern
© Cathy Waldie, January 1, 2005

(US) 7 (4.5mm) needles
100% cotton yarn (sample made with Peaches & Cream

Cast on 34 stitches
K6 rows for bottom border

1) Sl 1, K2, K28, K3
2) Sl 1, K2, P 28, K3
3) Sl 1, K2, *K1, P2* repeat between **’s across row, end K1, K3
4) Sl 1, K2, P 28, K3

Repeat rows 1-4 for a total of 10 pattern repeats.

K 7 rows for the top border, and Bind off in Purl.

Cut yarn. Weave in ends, Wash your dishes.

Now, it's time for the 'mom' comment...all you 'kids' who are away at colleges and universities(students, teachers, co-workers)...stop what you're doing this moment and call your Moms and let them know you're ok...with the recent events on the campus', it would let your Mom breathe again. Trust me, you'll score big brownie points if you call/text/im her RIGHT NOW!


Lindy said...

I love your pattern. It turned out beautifully!

FaeryCrafty said...

Dishcloths are a ton of fun. I recommend all my students knit them to learn new stiches.

Gerry said...

These look absolutely wonderful...great work...and thanks for sharing them...and it was quite nice reading through your post...and well as Mothers Day is approaching i've posted a few stuff over at my blog on Mother's Day Wishes so drop by sometime and check out all that i've posted there!!!!

cindybmw2004 said...

As always your writing brings other thoughts to mind that normally I don't think about! The dishcloths are beautiful (of course) and I have a stack of them waiting to be used or gifted. As a mother, I understand the need for the "kids" to call. As a daughter, I just have to remember as all of our parents are already gone. Take care! Cindy

Aunt Kathy said...

Hi, I really like the Peacock cloth but I can't find where you got the pattern. Could you direct me to the right spot? It's lovely.


Cathy said...

It's actually a Turkey cloth, and it's one of Rhonda's designs. You can see hers at: that's her web site.

Anonymous said...

Ah... I have always wanted to try illusion kniting... Beautiful! :-)

Great pattern of yours!