Wednesday, March 7, 2007

I get it! I totally GET IT!

Yvette! I get it I get it! I totally, 100% GET IT!
Proof positive...if you wait long enough over a pattern you just don't will all fall into place sooner or later! Especially if you switch the type of fiber/brand you're using! WOOOOO WEEEEEEEEE BABY!

Picture me...doing the happy dance! To the tune of (sing it loud and sing it proud!) 'I can see Clearly Now...."
My 'twist' on this pattern...rather than just 'bind off in purl', I decided that I wanted an I-cord as the finished edge.
After pulling it out several times as I watched how it looked, and changing how and which side I did it on-this is what I ended up with. I substituted a purl row for the last row in the pattern before the bind off row. Originally it was a knit row.
This created a 'well' for the I-cord to 'fall back into', thus pulling the cord onto the front of my project. On the first run through this edging, most of the cord pulled to the inside. I didn't want 75% of my edging to be inside.
Now the inside looks like this. Just a small amount of the cord is on the inside. Not sure if this is how most folks do this? But am very pleased with how this looks.

And the blanket - it has begun....

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