Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Always trust the math

Thinking that I finally had the 'star' down that would make me happy on this Lonestar sweater, I was beginning to second guess my 'math abilities' once more. Now, I KNOW that I hated high school math. ULG. That was sheer torture to my teen aged brain. Years later as I was driving my middle daughter down the street in front of her high school, and we were listening to my then 'new' Jimmy Buffet CD, the song 'I Hate Math' came on. I thought I'd died and gone to math-hater's heaven! That song had us cracking up the whole trip home! Fabulous, I thought, I've discovered my 'anthem'!

Getting to this point of the sweater once more, the star was falling into place, but the counts on the side of the star were off. Not to matter, I just marked up my notes once more. Good thing, I thought, that I'd not written my notes in public yet-clearly math was my nemesis once more and I didn't want to put bad math skills out in the open...(ya..cue music here)...What I've since learned over the past gazillion knitting years, is that if the math doesn't 'add up'...generally there is a reason. If your counts are off by one, and you haven't had any decreases...there's generally a problem-somewhere.

Have you found mine, yet?

Ya-all the way back to where I ripped out the first star...apparently I neglected to pick up one of the stitches. That sweater has been set aside in the time out bag while I settle down before ripping it out once again. I figure I need to be less 'math crazed' so I can count well enough to make sure I've picked up ALL of the stitches next time.

In the meantime I did what any yarn fanatic would do...

I started yet another project! Now that the 7 oz skeins are back on the shelves with a REAL WHITE color (as opposed to the icky-grey-yucky-wannabe white)...We are back in business. And since Syracuse daughter has a friend who is awaiting the birth of her first child, I picked up my 'h' hook and started in on Lion Brand's Crayon Ripple Throw. Then...

I stopped at the local nursery for the first time in YEARS...and thought I'd pick up a few plants and see if we can outsmart the gophers this summer. Time will tell. The day I went into labor with my middle daughter, I had planted a whole row of tomato plants. Before I was finished so I could head off to the delivery room, you could hear and then watch..."chomp chomp chomp...woosh!" as the gophers were eating and pulling the plants underground. Just like in the cartoons! ulg. Enough to make your head hurt.

Today, the blanket is now one repeat of the white away from the top rainbow section. I'm going to go sit in the sunshine, and see how far I can get this afternoon.

Watch out Lonestar Sweater...your mess with my math days are numbered!

Enjoy your knitting, and pay attention to your Math. It always wins. dagnabit!