Sunday, December 30, 2007

Home again, home again...

Yep, I made it home without any of the luggage issues we saw at Thanksgiving. AMEN TO THAT brothers and sisters! And we had a bit of shopping at the very end, too.

See how pretty a 'Chocolate' Christmas Lace Dishcloth can look? See, you don't have to stick to just red, pick your color and let the lace fly!

Add a bit of local beverage and some holiday chocolate and you're in business.

Enjoy the view from the back bedroom window.....before heading out for a trip to 'find' a yarn store when they forget to tell you that it's actually 'downstairs' at night you're driving around Harvard Square area over and over and get lost a bazillion times on the one way streets. Then you stop some ladies who were walking and ask if they know where Woolcott & Co. is. AHHHHHHHHHHH no..they say...then ask, you don't know where a yarn shop is? And then they point directly across the street from where you're standing and say..oh a yarn shop..well, it's right there! ahahahahahahah....oy! and by then you're tired, wet from the rain, and really glad they've never met you and will never know who you are!

However, once I scampered inside, I hit the jack pot! I had no idea they were having a 25% OFF sale in the store! I thought I'd been lucky to find solid sock yarn and size 4.0mm double points! I found out about the sale when I went to ring up the order, and didn't see that they threw in an extra skein of yarn (silky wool) until after I got back to my daughters! Now, how cool is that?

I am going to miss that window sill for taking pictures! Perfect lighting, and nice shelf space to lay my stuff. And the kiddo isn't a knitter! tisk tisk tisk...waste of a great sill I tell you!

The next day, I braved the 'wintry frozen' northeast and headed out the door. Oh wait, it was sunny, the snow was fairly well all melted..and it was warmer walking around outdoors than when I'd left Southern California! I got roasted in my jacket and scarf!

I went on the "T" for the second day in a row and it was so much easier than trying to find a place to park, or getting lost! I do believe, I love the 'T'. Even after the rain and the puddles.

I went past the old South Church...and it was sunny!

Found Newbury Yarns and had a wonderful visit with the lady who works there.

Found the Misti Alpaca that I truly wanted to sit and pet all the way home it is so soft! And a hank of Louet's Euroflax linen. Can't wait to try the Mason-Dixon Hand towel with that!

Pretty soon, it was time to head on over to the airport. But there was one last stop along the way. My favorite new place in the Boston area-why that would be Mike's Pastry! To quote Rachel Ray...YUMMO!!!!!!!!

See what I mean? HOLY COW! That is soooooooooooooooooooo good!

And they traveled well home, too! 6 hours by plane. And not a single one smushed!

Through the traffic....

Said good-bye to the sunny skies...and the cleared roads....

And made it to the airport early. Hugged the kiddo goodbye..and answered the cell phone after she drove off telling me to quit crying. I do believe she knows her mom!

It was about this point that I realized that I'd left my cane hanging on the railing of the building as I loaded my suitcases into the car for the airport. Brilliant, huh?

Guess what....pattern up next! See what happens on a 6 hour flight home? It's called..lots of knitting time! Call your Bloomington's nearly ready to post.