Saturday, August 11, 2012

The body is off the needles

 This is the best I can do to show you the sweater body that is off the needles. I couldn't get it all into one shot so I pieced a few together. Hopefully that will make sense.
Here's what it looks like all folded like I'll wear it. IF it fits. That's still up for grabs here. I'm too chicken to hold it up.
 I've started the sleeves, two at a time on one circular needle. We'll see how far I get before closing ceremonies. Still need to sew the shoulder seams of the sweater together to be able to sew in the sleeves when they're finished and then knit on the front bands....Ya....this may not happen in time to get to the 'finish line' but I'm pleased that I've made a whole lot of progress. Especially since...
 I have spent a little bit of time on this sock when I just didn't want to figure out the next three steps of decreasing the armholes, front v-neck while continuing on with the pattern up the front sections. Sometimes a girl just needs some mindless knitting. 
And then this pair of socks is barking at me to get them started. ;-) Ya....I'm hopeless!

How's your knitting coming along? Are you finished with your goals yet?

At least I'm not wearing bright green running shoes designed to make people back home buy a pair. Maybe it's just me, or that I'm more of a blue/purple kinda girl, or that I think the runners should be the spotlight of the races, but there is no chance I'll be getting a pair of those. Besides, that color is soooooooooooo not my favorite.

Ok, enough with the procrastination....time to click, click, click.....happy knitting!