Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Bring on the baking, feasting, and eating season!

 Just yesterday morning it dawned on my that Thanksgiving was only a couple of days away. That meant that the oven mitts and trivets (we call them hot pads around here...) from the "Felted Knits" book, needed to jump into the washing machine for a little hot tub action...

And just like that...thanks to adding in a pair of Dad's old tennis shoes....we have a set of felted oven mitts that need to finish drying so I can use them for the turkey tomorrow!

Sadly....they were needed after Mom's original set 'walked out the back door some time this past year. Isn't it sad that people who are hired to help take care of your parents choose to help themselves to things that weren't made for them? Thing is, since they're not allowed to accept gifts, I would have gladly taught them to knit their own. Now? They're no longer coming to this house. Fools.

Anyway...Happy Thanksgiving! Don't forget to give your kitchen a little knitterly love between now and Christmas!I'm off to the kitchen,  I have an apple pie to bake followed by pumpkin!