Friday, December 28, 2007

Quick update...

Now, doesn't a Tribble make this a complete set? I think so! In case you copied the pattern early..Row 25 was omitted from the towel pattern, it's been replaced. It should read: repeat row 21. Hope that didn't leave you scratching your head over this. Thank you Carol for catching that for me! If you guys ever find something else that needs to be fixed..please let me know! I appreciate all extra sets of eyes around here.

As for now, I'm trying to do the last few things around here, pack my bags and make it to the airport on time for this evening's flight. If you're on board, I'll be the one knitting! And of course, now that it's time to go home, the sun is in full force, the rain has disappeared, and the snow is just about gone. Figures---huh?

Stay tuned...more patterns on their way! Thank you for all the wonderful comments you have all sent to me. I'm having a blast with these!