Friday, April 17, 2009

knitting along...

Yesterday I swung over to Michael's just to have a little look around. Like I really needed to, huh? But rumors have been heard about how they're going to re-do their whole yarn department so I thought ...what the heck...let's see what's going on. Well. I found a lot of their yarn on clearance. I picked up some 'grape' to start the preemie sized sweater that I showed you from the King Cole patterns.

It's written for King Cole DK weight, which I don't have. However, I thought I'd substitute this for it. Since this sweater is going to be sent to a charity, I'm not really worried about the gauge being spot on. If it's truly a preemie size, it'll head down to the Balboa NICU. If it's a bit larger, it's heading towards WRC in Texas. Both are AC4C projects this month.

I have finished 4 of the pattern repeats.

As per usual these days, I've connected all three parts and am knitting it from the bottom up with the 'edge' stitches being garter stitch to make seaming it easier later on.

I've had some questions about the pattern, so I was online today trying to find more information on where it might be found. This is King Cole pattern #2979 for DK & 4 Ply. It's called a Matinee Coat and Bonnet, knitted in either King Cole Baby DK or King Cole Baby 4 Ply. This is a new company to me. And it's sold through Cascade Yarns. You can see the whole catalogue of their patterns here: it's a pdf file, so give it a few moments to load up. Their picture looks better than my cropped down one here. I did email them earlier today, and the only answer I got back was to 'google search for it.' Sorry, it wasn't the answer I was hoping for, either. However, I'm thinking of going to my local stores that carry Cascade yarn, and bring in the list of all the patterns that I'm interested in, to see if they could get them for me. There were quite a few that I'd be happy to knit up. They're really cute, if you ask me.

Then, just about the time I was ready to leave, I thought I'd give the yarn racks one more look over...and look at what I found...

are you ready for this?

Do you KNOW what this is???????

Any ideas yet?

Here's the label information...

If I'm not mistaken, it's the WHITE-WHITE that's been long awaited! Back in the stores...well, unless I get there first! (haha....ha........) Sorry...but, 'tis my job to help you find what we're all looking for...after all, life is to short to knit up that ugly grey stuff! Enjoy!