Sunday, June 29, 2014


 These days I'm not knitting a sweater in a month. Not.even.close. But, there has been some progress on Mom's yellow cabled sweater.

Remember, I like to knit things in one piece-all your pieces have the same number of rows up to the armpits, your tension is the same on the same rows, and when you're at the top, you're done! So, I use a garter stitch for the edge of each piece stitches, to give me easy peasy mattress stitch guides for faux seams.  Seams give your sweater some stability, and then looks like you had to sew it together.

 Next up, sleeves. I like to do them two at a time. DA! When you're done, you're done. But, with increasing and cables, and not being able to sit these days and just knit away....I make my own little written chart. When I have to stop and tend to 'other things' and special people, I don't have to guess a week later where I left off. How many of you do the same thing? Gadgets are great, but sometimes pen and paper beats all in my book. (Just don't forget where you put it!)
 After I started these while sitting over at Mom's Day Program, I got to thinking, next time go around I want to do them two at a time in the round, like I've been doing socks. DA! No seaming! Lesson learned.

The chart says I have just a wee bit to go before they're done! We'll see how much farther up Mom wants them to be. She likes to cuff up her favorite sweater, so I want to be certain to give her enough length. We are looking forward to picking out buttons! And then.....onto so many more things waiting in the wings!

Happy knitting!