Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Snoozefest is plugging along

This is getting to the point of being funny...on Sunday I woke up to realize that I'd been napping for 30 minutes after finishing 2/3rds of the pattern repeat. Yesterday it was back to knit half a row, snooze....knit half a row, snooze...knit half a row, snooze... I've noticed that I've gone past the 1/2 way point! Can I stay awake long enough to finish this before Little Miss "B" finishes Graduate School?

Today, I'm drinking diet caffeine of choice....and going back to my nap...errrrrrrr......knitting...ya..knitting! My story and I'm sleeping through it..errrrrrrrr sticking to it.

On another any of you get Cast On? There's a technique in the new issue that I'm dying to try (if I could just stay awake long enough to get there...grrrrrrrrrrr) for knitting in the round with multiple colors and not having to carry the yarns up rounds creating floats. They gave a pattern there for socks, but I was thinking more on the lines of baby hats. This blanket snoozefest..has got to be done! please! I have plans for so many other projects! And I don't want to start anymore since there are still babies on the way! (We won't talk about how many other things have been moved into a box and then to the garage that aren't 'immediately needed'. Let's just would need to take off your shoes, and use both hands and then some to count high enough and leave it at that. But shhhhhhhh.....don't tell anyone!)