Wednesday, February 6, 2008

oh! so close.

I think if I can't finish the knitting on this blanket by tonight...there's something wrong with my ability to concentrate..oh wait.look! that's pretty! Yes, I'm easily distracted by shiny and knitterly things. OY! Maybe that's why I originally started this blanket back in September..for the baby who was born in November, and here is February and it's STILL.NOT.DONE! And we won't EVEN mention the BSJ for this baby girl..since she'll probably outgrow it before I get that finished. Do you think if I put in an order for some knitting tomtens that they'd stop by tonight and weave in the ends for me?

Me, either. But, a girl's gotta have a dream, ya know?

On another note...Dad had surgery this past Saturday. It was a day filled with delays after delays after delays according to my Mom. Including, but not limited to the delay of NOT TELLING ME until Sunday that his surgery was going to be at 3:00 pm on Saturday! GRRRRRRRRRRRRR......say it with me....MOTHERS! (not that I'd EVER be ONE OF THOSE! said as I *bat my eyelashes*)

In addition to the delay of notifying me, you know, the daughter, the one who's been calling and worrying, and emailing the family....the doctor was also late getting over to the hospital that day, and he didn't have it until 7ish pm.

The doctor is happy with the results (scar tissue removal, found fixed a hernia, and replaced old hernia mesh screen from years ago...) and believes he won't have any further problems! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES! Now, Doctor, sir...May we kindly have that in writing??? Cuz the last thing Dad needs more issues with blockages...and surgeons...and testing hospital beds. (Too bad he wasn't being paid for all that quality control testing he's done over the past 15 years......)

Again, let me thank each and every one of you who've sent comments, prayers and emails for my parents. We're all so very grateful for the support.

One last thing...there have been quite a few questions regarding the Tribbles scrubbers. Go the pattern. I have some *cough cough* some...left overs from dishcloth knitting. I'm wondering if you guys would like me to make them up and take pictures to show you why mine come out so flat? Let me know. And let me tell you ..when you see it're going to do one of those V-8 commercial deals where you slap your forehead and say..DUH! that was easy! But, I'm here to help and ifin' ya'll want me to knit up a few more...well...what can I say...I'll just have to do it! (ha ha ha).

Stay dry...stay warm...I have a blanket to finish and as Maxwell Smart would say...was 'JUST THIS CLOSE' to being finished. (Someone...please stop me from going over to Ravelry..I found some more pretties today to suck me into that time warp!)