Friday, November 5, 2010

The Mother/Daughter Adventure Continues...

Back in the summer of 2008, my oldest daughter and I started on our Mother/Daughter adventure as we drove across the country. She was about to start her Master's Degree at Syracuse University. Today is her last day of work at her 'part time' job here, and we are continuing the next chapter in the saga of Mother/Daughter adventures.
So, I donned my newest hand knit socks (LOVED the way they felt on my cold tootsies) and boarded a plane far too early for my general constitution and took off for the wet and rainy New York State.
Knit a fare amount while in mid air...
to find the last of the colors in the area before being dropped at the hotel while my daughter went to her last night of work. While she's partying it up with rumors of cake,
I'm finishing the 2nd of 3 Cables 'n Columns Placemats that I needed to have finished oh, like yesterday....
and am on the 2nd sock of a pair of boot socks from Knitting Pure & Simple out of Paton's Wool.

Tonight when she's finished, if she's not too tired, we're heading out for part one of a Reuben Sandwich taste off. After watching Man V. Food, from Ann Arbor, MI that was recently aired, we've decided to taste test both the sandwiches here in New York and Michigan as we travel to move her onto the next chapter of her life. We will have our  opinion and pictures posted all in due time. Stay tuned? With any luck, we'll make YOU all hungry!

Gotta go, she'll be home soon, and I have a whole placemat to get finished!