Monday, July 9, 2007

Baby sweater preview

Quick updates here...we've had a lot of trouble over the past few months with our cable connections. Part of them were painfully (love the cable company..huh?) taken care of last week. Hopefully the 2nd part will be solved by Thursday.

Now, onto the knitting parts. I'm in the process of making up several different needle/yarn combination sizes of the Baby Jiffy Knit sweaters. Two more to go..and then not only will I be able to post the pattern, but can give you all my gauges and finished sizes on them all. This one I finished yesterday using a size (US) 6 ( needle and the Hobby Lobby Sweet Delight Baby yarn. I really like the over all looks of it! Simply Soft and (US)9's are next up on the to-do list.

The count continues...6/10 sweaters, 4/10 hats, 6.5/15 blankets for this summer's knitting...

Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! 7/7/7=79 years old! So glad I was home to see you in June! Keep on getting better! We need you around for a very long time to come yet!!!

So, hang in there folks... the pattern and sizes are coming up shortly! I promise! And, with any luck, I won't have to go back to dial up after 10pm at night to get pictures posted on here after Thursday! (waiting for 6 hours to get them all up and running...making me slightly unhappy-so does the cable company when you wait all day 9am - 7pm and find out the service tech wrote in his paper work that he'd been at your house..not once..but twice...and in reality...he never showed up once!!!!! oh, and they can't come the next day, since it's a national holiday..even tho' he'd been there the previous Sat, and left equipment that didn't work. ulg. enough said.)