Tuesday, June 16, 2009

getting closer, the countdown is on..

After spending a couple of years all bunched up in a zip lock bag, tucked into a box and shoved into the corner, the actual knitting on Mom's vest has been completed. And it definitely needed some blocking time. Even if it's not 100% wool. Therefore, rather than doing a whole dunk kind of block, I wanted to try out the wet towel laid on top method. And I have decided that I like it.

Now, keep in mind that I have had this process going for a couple of days. After 2 days with the 'sunny side up', I flipped it over and laid the damp towel on the back. It seems to have relaxed the stitches and smoothed out the stitches that needed to be 'fixed'.

Here's the back...

...and here's the front. All that's left is to get buttons. Well, that and to decide if I want to do the embroidery down the left front panel. There are several choices to pick from. It's similar to Huck stitching on towels. I'm still trying to make up my mind. I have 4 days to decide or finish. It would be nice to have it all settled and done before I get home.

Some decisions are much easier to make than others. Like how good it feels to be finishing up some of these old wips. They're not shouting at me from the other room anymore. We just won't talk about the many others that are still singing in chorus trying to gain my attentions.

Details: Knitter's Fall, 2004, Patchwork Vest by Betty Monroe, Size Small, Lion Brand Wool-ease, Turquoise and Black, Size (US) 6 (4.0mm) and 7 (4.5mm) Addi turbos.

Changes I've done to this pattern thus far: a) obviously, I added the Black color to the edgings. b) I have also opted out of making the pockets. The original pattern called for feltable wool to knit the whole vest out of, and then felting the pockets. Since Mom and Dad's apartment is generally too warm in the winter (keep in mind I picked this pattern years ago prior to their cancer treatments) I didn't want to make something that warm. This was made out of the leftovers from the Guy's Guernsey afghan I'd given to my Mom for Christmas, 2006-her favorite color. (and yes, I STILL have a bunch left over!)

c) and lastly, I'm still deciding on the embroidery.

Four days to go. Decisions, decisions, decisions...