Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Skinny HS Scarf

Need a scarf for a pre-teen in a hurry? This one knits up very fast.

Skinny HS (Homespun) Scarf
Cathy Waldie, August, 2004

finished size (62" x 4")

1 Skein of Lion Brand Homespun yarn. (actually about 3/4 ths of a skein)
(US) 11 needles (I like wood or bamboo with this yarn)

Cut and knot the ends of 14" lengths before knitting. Set aside. ~ 24 lengths.
Cast On 12 stitches and knit 222 rows.
Bind off. Attach fringe.

And in other knitterly news...

Finished...aren't they cute? ~ 50 yards of leftover wool, is all it took, and they're winging their way to Michigan right now. The pattern is at: and the ravelry page on them is here: . Oh, I do so love me some cables. You can see the 'shhhhhhhhhhhh' project over on my ravelry page, too...But I can't show it until after Christmas. *wink wink* if you know what I mean...

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elizabeth said...

LOVE the cup cozies and haven't seen them before - thanks for sharing the linke.

And don't you love homespun scarves? So soft and warm.