Tuesday, November 24, 2009

3x3 Twisted Rib Neck Gaiter

After reading through all the gaiter patterns I could find, I got the impression that the gaiter needs to be stretchy but also be able to pull into the neck area so it keeps that area warm. I got to thinking that a 3 x 3 rib really sucks it in while still being stretchy. A twisted rib keeps my ribbing from looking all wonky. Knowing that the skein of yarn that I had was only 85 g rather than a 100 gram, I chose a cast on of 90 stitches (6 st repeat) to see if it would end up long enough. It made it to 11.5" long with only a 1.5 yard left to the whole skein after I bound off.

3x3 Twisted Rib Neck Gaiter
© Cathy Waldie, October 31, 2009

85 g worsted weight 100% wool [sample made in Lion Brand Wool, Navy]
(US) 8 (5.0mm) 16'.40 cm needles
Gauge: 21 sts/24 rows in pattern = 4"/10 cm.
Size: 11.25" long x 4.75" wide laid flat (stretches easily to 12.5" when pulled wide)

TBL= Through the back loop
C/O=Cast On
B/O=Bind Off
* *= repeat directions between *'s

C/O 90 stitches, join without twisting. [If you are a tighter knitter, use a Cast On of 96 stitches and follow the pattern as written.]

Round 1: *K3 TBL, P3* around
Round 2: *K3, P3* around

Repeat Rounds 1 and 2 until you've reached 10-12" in length, or are 3 yards from the end of your wool. [Size must be no shorter than 10" and no longer than 12" and make certain it will easily stretch over a 22-24" head]

B/O in pattern. Cut wool, weave in ends. Give it a swish in a 'wool bath' and let dry. Pop it off in the mail on mailing days to Ship's Support. Let's keep those ground troops warm with hugs from home!