Sunday, December 13, 2009

getting there...

The best laid plans-huh? Here's where I made it by Friday night. I had to stop when I found myself repeatedly falling asleep, and dropping stitches. For knitting lace dangerously-meaning not using a lifeline, that was not a good thing to do. The scarf is at 25 pattern repeats right now, with 13 of 50g of yarn to knit yet. I figure that should be roughly 8 more pattern repeats. Which means had I worked on it yesterday, I would have been finished by now. [I really do love this yarn! I need to start knitting with better fibers for myself! What a treat to feel it flow through my hands!]

That means, I didn't touch it for one single stitch at all! My kids had company here at the house yesterday, and I enjoyed the visit. Baked a little for Christmas packages, and now have to hit the floor running today! I want to finish the baking and the scarf today, not to mention there's a bit of sewing that needs to be accomplished as well, and get it all popped into the mail tomorrow morning.

OK. Quit laughing. It's good to have a plan. And I like to dream really big!