Friday, June 5, 2009

Just My Size Baby Jiffy Knit Preemie Hats

Just My Size Baby Jiffy Knit Baby Hat

© Cathy Waldie, May 11, 2009

(US)3 (3.25mm) needles, DK/Sportweight yarn
C/O 72 stitches
1-6) *K2, P2* around
7-9) Knit 3 rounds
10) K2 Tog around
11) P1, M1P around
12 26)Repeat rows 7-11, 3 more times for a total of 4 pattern repeats
27-34) Knit 8 rounds
35) *K4, K2 tog* around (60 sts)
36) Knit around
37) *K3, K2 Tog* around (48 sts)
38) Knit around
39) *K2, K2 Tog* around (36 sts)
40) Knit around
41) *K1, K2 Tog* around (24 sts)
42) Knit around
43) *K2 Tog* around (12 sts)
44) *K2 Tog* around (6 sts)

Cut thread, thread through remaining stitches, secure, weave in ends.

Notes: this pattern came about after I knit up preemie hats using Carissa's pattern: and the pattern for the Baby Jiffy Knit Baby Sweater: . Back some time ago, I used the texture from the Baby Jiffy Knit Sweaters to make some hats for newborn sizes and posted them under the Baby Hats pattern: Hopefully these patterns will help you dress up your sweaters.

Here is a group of pictures to help you M1P (Make 1 Purl). Since I have written this pattern to be knit in the round, you're not going to flip it over and knit it flat, thus you will NOT be using a regular M1 stitch, which uses a Knit stitch.

1) K2 Tog (together) all around the row

2) Bring your yarn forward, as if you're going to purl.

3) with the tip of your right hand needle, lift the bar thread you find between the two stitches on your needles.

4) purl into that lifted stitch

5) purl the stitch on your left hand needle

6) continue with the M1P (Make 1 Purl), P1 all the way around

another view

view of 4 sets of the pattern repeats

Top of the hat while decreasing

Top of hat after fastening off.

Side view of preemie hat on my finger tips.

Prettiest Pink hat= 13”/33cm circum, 5.25”/13.5 cm depth, (US) 4 (3.5mm) 12” circular needles, 17 g/54.6 yards

Baby’s Blue hat=12.75”/32.5 cm circum, 5.123”/13 cm depth, (US)3 (3.25mm) double point needles, 16 g/52.8 yards

Surf baby hat=12.25”/31cm circum, 4.75”/12 cm depth, (US)3 (3.25mm) 12” circular needle, 14 g/49 yards