Thursday, April 26, 2012

Does this sound familiar?

 This morning I spent a bit of time reading another book. Then I spent a bit more time texting my friend Cyndi back in California. She would for certain understand the parts that made me laugh. There are times when only a knitter will 'get it'. Not my kids, oh, no. Not at all. Not Mom. While she used to crochet, she never bought yarn or knitting books like I do. For many years she's provided me with the 40% coupons from the Sunday paper so she could "keep you in yarn" as one of her notes said years ago. And yes, she did.

Now, at the same time, those 40% off coupons went to much more than just yarn. They've helped out with a lot of books, and threads, and fabric, rubber stamps, etc... Back in 2003 when I fell, I wanted my time to 'count for something.' To find a positive from time away from teaching that would be something good down the road. So I started actually reading some of the books and magazines that I'd been amassing all my life. It was time to actually learn something from all those knitting books and subscriptions that I'd collected over time, and not just look at the pictures. HA! Imagine that?! Actually reading the articles and learning from them.  
So figure out what shot through my head today when I read the above section?  Yep, more and more signs are pointing to me having to rip out my grey cabled sweater I'd finished back last June. Between having been brain dead when I measured the length of sleeves and the weight I've lost, I have to admit that the sweater is far too big. It's even too large for Mom and she's taller than I am. Those sleeves look like something that belongs on the Fantastic 4 from old Saturday morning cartoons. Now, I'm not in a hurry to rip it out, I do have a to-do list. But I have accepted the fact that it needs to be done. 

Where is that knitting wine glass when I need it? ahahahahah....
So then, as I continued reading....I came across this passage. Yes, I wrote in my book. I underlined the part that made me laugh..and then added my 'editorial'. And then I pulled out my cell phone, took a picture and sent it off to Cyndi. She would for sure 'get it'! After 'shopping' in my stash to pass some yarn onto her....she would totally 'get it'. 

Why? Because yesterday I went to Joann's to return some yarn. (Don't laugh, it could happen.) I had picked up 2 different shades of green last week for my daughter to pick from for the baby blanket that is underway. I saw no reason to keep the color not picked as it wasn't one that I particularly like. (stop laughing, yes, you. I mean it this time.....) However, (stop it!) as I walked into the store and went to the customer service counter and the cashier was beginning to process the return, my alter ego pipped up noticing that the yarn had been bought on sale and it would be foolish to have wasted a sale price on yarn if I could just exchange it for a better color that I would be certain to use somewhere down the line. I asked if I could take a minute and see if they have another color I could swap them out for. Yep...not a problem! So off I went! Sure enough....4 blue swapped for the 4 sage green and another 3 blue to come home. That's when I saw the '40% off all knitting and crochet books' sign right there in the middle of the racks of books. And that's when I found the book.
The book, that had the section that made me laugh, made me pull out my cell phone and show Cyndi that Maggie obviously knew who I was and what had happened yesterday. But really. I am the only one who has a 'wee bit' of extra yarn sitting around the house and who buys yarn that she had absolutely no plans on buying when she's intending to return left over- never will be used yarn.


Stop laughing. :-)