Sunday, June 10, 2007

Shower, Art Fair, and Santa gifts

As I'm sitting here in Michigan, it's 81*F but only 68*F back in Southern California. We just got back from the Art Fair in town, and my shoulders were beginning to feel the heat. Now, I ask you, what is wrong with that picture? So much for Sunny Southern California being the warm place to be! I got a feeling this was the year of jewelry at the Art Fair. I didn't get pictures of the jewelry, but did take lots of other things. One quilt vendor, several t-shirts and sweatshirts, one really neat woven basekets, and a few pottery places mixed in.

I really liked the blue pottery bowls and vases, but they're so heavy I didn't want to chance taking one home. The baskets were beautifully woven, but didn't have room in my suitecase either. Drats!
Besides, with my luck, I'd either be over the weight limit or they'd smash it to bits. And being the 'thrifty' shopper, mail it back would have really increased the price of the items. But they were very pretty. I figure pictures on the camera disk are much easier to pack to bring back home. Truth be told, there is a new yarn shop in town that I'm dying to go check out. Rowan yarns, etc...but it's closed on Sundays and Mondays. Mom said if I found something I liked, she'd get it for me for my birthday (November) and Christmas. Now, would I be able to be surprised when I opened it? My answer? Mom, my memory lasts about 5 mins, and I'll probably forget it was ever bought! Tuesday, can you hurry up? ha ha ha.
Yesterday was the baby shower that I've been knitting for lately. The daddy-to-be is my cousin's son, and is between my two oldest kids in age. He came to California several years ago and helped me out with my kids during a particularily rough time in the family. This will be his first baby, and a long awaited girl for his family. It was great to see several of my extended family members and the weather has been fabulous! The daddy-to-be and Grandpa-to-be were grilling hotdogs and brats...mmmmmmmm love those! Food was fantastic and she was gifted with many gifts. (I think she was given enough clothes for triplets!) We were teasing them that a bigger house was needed to hold it all! Her grandfather even made a rocking chair for Little Miss "B" when she makes her grand entrance mid August.
In my famous tradition, I wasn't quite finished knitting until we were 1/2 way to the shower. (Both prom dates had to wait downstairs while I finished sewing my's a gift I tell ya! Keeps Mom on edge. Always guessing...) Hense the white sweater in the picture is minus the I-chord for the neck. It was finished, all ends tucked in and wrapped before we arrived at our destination. It's so nice to be picked up for the party and ride out with additional family members while being able to knit! Ah the things you don't get to do when you move nearly 3,000 miles away from home. I do have to up the purple blanket wasn't's sooooooooooooooooo soft!
The sweaters and baby wash cloths were from me, the purple blanket is from the youngest daughter, and the Rainbow Feather & Fan blanket is from the middle daughter. Son's request will hopefully be finished before I go home on Saturday, and if the oldest daugher ever makes up her mind, that last item could be ready before the August 14th due date. We'll see. Making up her mind, is never a strong suit for her. (We don't take her to Baskin Robbins for that reason)
Now, here are the reasons this was so important. 3 1/2 generations worth. Many years ago, I was about to have my first baby. I was living 3,000 miles away from all of my family and feeling quite lonely. One day a box arrived in the mail. Inside was a beautiful white knitted sweater set, 2 sewn adorable dresses, and an embroidered bib made with a draw string top that gave great coverage for messy eaters. Here are those same women today, plus the Mommy-to-be, Auntie-to-be and my mom. It is in their honor that I knit for this baby. And I've had time to knit up a storm for this baby where in the past having 4 of my own, and working 2 jobs and 2 separate volunteer groups left little time to do much else for other babies in the family. Telling the Mommy-to-be and her Mother-in-law and Aunt what my reasons for the gifts were, made me cry.'s so good to see and hug family again! And to finally let them know how that one little box meant so very much to me all those years ago!
Last but not least, I brought these along. They will be delivered shortly to another Aunt. They are the ones who play Santa and Mrs. Claus every year for groups around town and to a couple of special shelters on Christmas Eve. 6 scarves, 5 adult hats, and 4 children's sizes of hats will kick off my knitting for them this year. And I won't have to pay USPS for shipping. 2 Christmas' ago, I got the nicest note after the holdiays about how excited the kids were to be able to pick out their own hats. I try to make them all different so everyone can have their own. Plus, as a Mom, it's much easier to remember who left it laying around if they are all unique. Hopefully, some warm heads will be covered come December this year.

The week's only begun! More knitting, and knitted things yet to be delivered!.

And it's sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good to be back to high speed when trying to upload pictures! YEA! Now, if only I could have some cell phone reception! PLEASE? Somewhere in this town?