Monday, July 16, 2007

Many thanks!

I just wanted to thank everyone for their emails telling me about when they'd first seen this pattern, or telling me who they were going to knit it for. It's been a lot of fun reading through them all. As I was cleaning up my files on the pictures last night...I got a case of the giggles. I couldn't stop laughing at this kept 'moving' around ... OK so it was quite late. And I was a bit tired. But ...don't those arms look like they're moving? Maybe I just need my eyes checked.
Then I thought it reminded me of making snow angels when we were little.

This is their daytime shot - we are, after all, in Southern California. Oh wait, I forgot their sunglasses. My mistake.

But then I saw this and thought that this was their nighttime lounging around shot.
Please understand, middle daughter and I are laughing while we're watching Victoria Beckham's TV show..Coming to America. She's pretty funny! As someone who moved here from the Midwest, I can relate to her impressions living in LA. DMV, Earthquakes. Ya, my first one, I was ready to pack it in and get outta!
And I'm procrastinating from the blankets. Really procrastinating. Don't tell my daughter.
Thanks again, for the fun and very positive emails and comments about this sweater pattern. I've wanted for quite some time now to be able to share it with everyone. This was much more fun than I had expected!