Friday, July 30, 2010

Never ending sleeves

I'm thinking these are the sleeves that will not finish! I've knit and knit and knit and I can't seem to get them long enough. first I thought I was about 2 rows away from the end, the other day...

But I was only up to here when I formulated that silly concept!

I have also decided that I want to knit them long enough to cuff up the sleeves and wear it more like a jacket sweater. Looks like I have a ways to go.

I do so very much like the way the Cascade 220 makes the stitch definition POP! right out in this pattern. The cables seem to stand right at attention all on their very own. Nicely done.

But why is it that when I start a sweater, and by that I mean when I generally start a sweater with a lot of cables in it, I have this goofy notion in my head that it's going to be a quick knit and I should be wearing the thing two weeks after I've made my first cast on row?

Clearly I have a false sense of timing here. AND, now that I'm deeply into the second skein on each of these sleeves I can tell it's going to be a warm sweater with all the wool it's sucking up to get it made! I'm very happy that I've altered the pattern a wee bit. Just love the looks of the mushroom cable going up the center of the sleeve and really feel good about the ribs that I've borrowed from Mom's cable sweater (from back in 2008).

As a reminder, I'm knitting the Yankee Aran Sweater (pattern #20) by Melinda Goodfellow as a cardigan in Cascade 220. I've subbed out the seed stitch and Blackberry stitch and put the Wishbone Cable on the sleeves to match the front of the sweater. And, I am knitting the two sleeves at a time so they'll match each other row for row.

See? My knitting, my choices, pattern as a guideline. We'll see how this all plays out down the road. I've also started thinking about lining it in some warm flannel when it's done, but that's nothing more than a mere thought at this time.