Sunday, April 20, 2008

Teaser picture today

Today's teaser picture....have any ideas yet what the patterns will be? Come back on Earth Day to find out! Hint, lots of Cotton yarn with these! Oh, ya...and I-chords, too.

In other 'Dad' news, talked to Dad just a bit ago, and he's improving daily! Mom did say that when they were about to take him home, he requested cancelling it out and just staying put in the hospital....I told her, and I quote, "Mom, forgive me the phrase I'm about to use, but that is when you tell Dad...OH HELL NO! You're going home! No options here, mister!" she laughed. Kinda like the old bumper sticker that went something like...get in, shut up, hang on.... Then she said he's told her that she's acting like one of the nurses at the hospital. I reminded her that must be a good thing because they pushed him to do for himself. And she's not allowed to choke him (joke - please understand) no matter how much she'd like to at times. Thank goodness she takes teasing well.

AHHHHH.they've not lost their humor! Oh, to have someone to be that close to when I'm nearly 80 and 80! Now, do you understand how the "Two Hearts as One" kitchen set came from?