Saturday, July 31, 2010

And just like that...

They popped right off the needles.
Well, after a few hours of working on them steadily. I had thought at the end of 8 pattern repeats the sleeves were long enough. In reality I hadn't read the pattern close enough. I finished my sleeves after 12 pattern repeats of the wishbone cable that I ran up the center of the sleeves and added 2 more rows. Personal preference of how I like to see cables finished at the top. When I've left them uncrossed at the end, they tend to open up too wide for my comfort level. I also like the idea of the sleeves looking more like the body of the sweater. Why the wishbone cable wasn't originally on them, is beyond me.
And yes, I cast right on for the body of the sweater right away. And as is my choice, I'm knitting all three sections at the same time again. Front right, back and left front separated by edge stitches and stitch holders. Once it's finished I'll use the mattress stitch to make a fake seam.

And true to my current Knitting ADD....I found 4 pounds of cotton to cast on my needles for a new idea. We'll see how that works out. And how long I'll continue to flit from one project to the next before anything else gets finished. Stay tuned.