Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Felting 101

My house now smells like wet dog. Kinda reminds me of the Border Collie (TESSIE!) that we had while I was growing up. AWWWWWWWWW TESSIE! (family joke)....anyway, I love the 'magic' that happens when you start with these

and these

put them in a couple of zippered pillow cases

toss in an old pair of tennis shoes and jeans you keep just for felting

Add a bit of laundry detergent...and they come out looking like this

and like this.

I have them sitting in my kitchen with the rain and dampness...(figures, it never rains in Southern California....until I want the dryness for felting week...) on my wire cooling racks. I love them for blocking, etc...it stacks them up for less space used and helps the air to circulate around the pieces to dry faster.

But if you don't have a stacking rack...lay a flat rack over a larger bowl. The air will be able to circulate just as well.

Someday I'd like to make myself a set for me to use! Oh, stay tuned...Valentines Set coming up soon! Just working out the 'buggs' right now...