Thursday, October 16, 2008

Learn from my big mistake...

So, I went back to Best Buy last night to pick up the data back up DVDs on my computer. After 3 hours of being there it now appears the hard drive is also fried along with the motherboard. They're sending the whole computer off to the geek hospital...and for a 'small fee' of $249 - $1000+ they'll also try to retrieve the information that I had failed to back up.

Please...if you guys have ANY kind of information on your computers that you don't have someplace else...stop what you're doing and back it up NOW! Oh, and they said last night that flash sticks can also fail and lose your information as well.

If they can't pull my information off at a cheaper price. I will have lost a whole lot of pictures..included tutorials I was about to post on line, which I can redo. that were digitally emailed to me of my kids as babies..etc..things from family members who have since passed away...and can't be redone. Add to that patterns in progress and other ideas that I've been working on..etc...

Lots of stuff can be redone. That's just a pain to have to go back and redo,'s the stuff that I can't replace that had me in a big old funk last night.

Learn from my mistakes. Oh, and that means about 500 bookmarks not to mention patterns that I've paid for and downloaded, without printing or saving onto another disk..etc..all gone. your stuff...Who knew that when we thought it was just an ac adapter/brick that needed replacing...that I'd lose about 8 years of work and family memories. And..just to show you how dumb I was...on the CF cards for my camera...I'd deleted all my knitting pictures off figuring I had them on my computer already and wanted to reuse the space. they're all gone. What an idiot.'s your friendly public service announcement...go save your stuff onto a disk. If by some miracle they can pull my stuff off my computer and it's semi can bet I'm going to save it not once now..but onto two sets of DVDs. Cuz this is just a big old pain in my backside.