Saturday, May 19, 2007's a bad thing

Ok, so temptation is a baddddddddddd thing. I agree...but, this is knitting, and we have a term called wip's...right? And, I wouldn't be a knitter if I didn't have more than one wip. Right?And being a knitter, and having a brand new pair of needles (or two) sitting right here, staring me in the face, well, that would be temptation, right? And it would be wrong,,,,just wrong to not test drive them. RIGHT??????????

After all...the baby blanket is very close to finishing. See? It's just 'this close' to being finished.
Even though it's too small for the intended size, I'll have to remake another one afterwards anyway. So, it's ok to test drive the new needles, right? (I'm waiting for an "Amen" from the peanut gallery!)

And let me just say....I LOVE "EM!

Check it out...

Keeping in mind that I'm a total Addi convert. I loveeeeeeeee Addi Turbos. Ever since I tried them several years ago, I've not gone back. So when I heard these were going to be available I was very happy. But I wanted to see how they would compare to each other. These are both Addi's, both (US) 4's (3.5mm). The Addi Turbos (silver in color) are shorter (24")in cable length than the Addi Turbo Lace (gold in color)(32"). That means the needles are shorter by design from each other. Now with closer inspection the lace tips are longer and 'sharper' than the originals which are blunt. Working with the lace size 4's with a DK weight yarn, the stitches are 'tighter' in size and the needle just slips right into the stitch without any resistance.
Then, look how pliable the cable is. This is just sitting here on the keyboard with the natural curve from the top of the preemie sized sweater. It's also so very light weight! Not that the original Turbos are heavy, mind you, but these feel feather weight in my hands.

Yep, I'm sold! Now, I just wish they came in sizes larger than (US) 6 (4.0mm)!

Guess I'll never be totally satisfied.