Thursday, December 6, 2007

Challenge-day four

We are on a roll here! See what no talking can do for me? Click, click, click...and we've gotten to just below the 60% level by 'just this much'. Gotta love Ravelry with all it's little gizmos to keep you from knitting. Ravelry and talking. They're going to get to me yet. Love 'em both, but APPARENTLY, they slow me down.

I am enjoying the comments you guys are all leaving here about my Mom. OY! If only you knew this lady with her proper ways of doing things. I'll have to let her know this weekend about the 'other' ideas you thought her Granddaughter bought for her birthday. She's going to do one of two things. She'll either blush terribly, or crack up laughing. Mom has always been so modest in her manner of dress, but she takes teasing pretty well. Yep, going to have to share this with her. Since she is computerless, she hasn't heard the comments, yet. I will get some pictures up soon of the pasties. Given time AFTER I get this blanket finished, I'll have to dig out the family recipe to make them. We have eaten a lot of these over the years-generally family style but the pictures you get first, will be the individual types. They are the most commonly known. I gotta say, it's really nice that some of you are getting hungry with all this food discussion going on, and it's just not me!

I have had several emails and comments about people knitting up my patterns. I'd love to be able to post pictures here if you send them to me! I find it interesting how you're making them your own with different choices in yarns. Who wants to second this idea? You email me the pictures with the email address, and I'll post 'em right up here. Make sure, please to tell me in your email that you give me permission to post them, please. I think it would be fun to see how many different ideas you all have.

OK, OK, OK, now...I have some more waiting time today. I'm going to do my best to knit WHILE I talk. Heaven knows, I just can't not talk, but I'll attempt to let others have more words than I do while my needles are clicking along. Well, that is unless I'm asked questions where I have to explain something. I can multi-task quite well. You should have seen me 20 years ago when I was on a bowling league after my youngest daughter was born and was still a nursing baby. Now that, I tell you, was the ultimate in multi-tasking! Hey, they were going to make me miss my turn! I like my yarn, and I like my turns. ahahahahaha.

Send duct tape for my mouth if this doesn't work today. I need to get this blanket in the mail soon! Then, I'll see about getting my left ear unplugged...yesterday marked the 4 week mark I've been dealing with it. Not in pain, but annoying as all get out!