Sunday, August 26, 2012

1 Year

5pm Eastern today marks 1 year=52 weeks=8784 hours=527,040 minutes=31,622,400 seconds since I landed at MBS and my life forever changed before I even got off the plane. For those of you who have been 100% supportive, know that you are forever in my heart with total gratitude. For those of you who are my total support system-Melissa, etc...I couldn’t do this without you! And I am forever in your debt. I’ve had the opportunity to hug, love, and cry with and for, reminisce with, gain strength from, and more importantly-be with both Mom and Dad. I’ve been tired, cheered, silly, happy, frustrated, and loved by them both in the time we have had together. Here’s to much more time together with Mom and Melissa! Love you both from the bottom of my heart!!!!!!!! And yes Dad, I’m doing what I do best. Just like you asked. Just like I promised. ;-)