Friday, April 6, 2007

Just My Size

The Just My Size Basketweave Preemie Baby Blanket is ready. Here are a few ideas about preemie blankets now that this one is finished. Little fingers get caught in lace patterns. For preemies especially, it's best to have a denser fabric. Working for time and using the same size (US) 10 (8.00 mm) needles with this blanket that I used on the full sized baby blanket, I should have probably used a smaller needle. I'm happy with the look and the speed in which this blanket was finished, but it could have been better. I'm thinking a size (US)7 - 8 (4.5 - 5.00 mm) needle with a DK /sport weight yarn might have beeen a better choice. Looks like my 'to do' list just got longer. It's also dawned on me that being a knitting Mom of four 'adult' children who have many friends, having a couple of preemie sized blankets premade wouldn't be a bad idea. Trying to get something made up in a hurry for an immediate need means speed rather than detail as the priority. Statistics suggest it would be time well spent.

Just to give you all some perspective, here is the Just My Size blanket on top of the full sized blanket that I'd finished from my March 16th post.
Again, here are the two blankets all folded up. I generally fold my blankets in thirds, two times, before wrapping them up. And little Miss "R", isn't the smallest of babies born! I have to say, having these sit side by side really made me stop in my tracks. I know that I made the blanket larger than I originally planned, and it still struck me as quite small.

Now, I'm onto the task of picking which sweater to make for this little bundle. Oh, and the ends of the F & F Rainbow blanket.

Just My Size Basketweave Preemie Baby Blanket
© Cathy Waldie, April 5, 2007
1 1/2 skeins Red Heart Lustre yarn [Label: 18 sts/24 r = 4"/10 cm, worsted weight, 3 ply, 5 oz, 140 g, 253 yd/231 m]
(US) 8 (5.0 mm) and (US) 10 (8.0 mm) 29" circular needles (blanket is knit flat, circular needles are used to hold the stitches in your lap, keeping the stress off of your wrists)
Chibi needle
Finished size: 20" x 21" (50.8 cm x 53.5 cm)
Gauge in pattern on larger needles: 15 sts/24 r = 4"/ 10 cm

*slip the first stitch of each row as if to knit

Using the smaller needles, Cast on 76 stitches.

1-6: Knit

Switch to larger needles

7: and all odd rows, Knit

8, 10, 12, 14, 16: K5, P6, (K6, P6) 5 times, K5

18, 20, 22, 24, 26: K5, K6, (P6, K6) 5 times, K5

27 - 126: Repeat rows (7-26) 5 more times for a total of 6 pattern repeats.

Switch back to the smaller needles.

127-133) Knit

134) Bind off in Purl.

Cut yarn, weave ends, wrap gently around baby and lavish with love.