Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Best question ever!!!!!!!!

When I was teaching in the classroom, we would start the morning with a group greeting. Today, boys and girls, I'd like you to meet Kristin! Everybody say, "Hello to Kristin." This is Kristin becoming a brand new knitter! Kristin had the very best question I've ever been asked after I sent her a picture of the inside of a LYS, "...that looks amazing!!! is it wrong to buy yarn just cuz u like it...lol"

What do you think, boys and girls? I think she's going to get along with us just fine! We love this girl.

Today we're off for an 'educational field trip'. I'm taking her to her first look inside two LYS. Sunday we bought her 'The Knit Stitch" and "The Purl Stitch", two of the 'bibles of knitting' as far as I'm concerned for first time knitters. Can't wait to put some EZ into her hands. Oh, and the first practice knitting that I left her with? She pulled it out and redid it so it would look better! Ya know what that means? She has no trouble with the concept of frogging and tinking! Yep..she's going to knit circles around us all! Can't wait to see where she takes us. This is going to be fun!

In other news, I got to be a stealth cupid from my Dad for my Mom. Don't you love setting up surprises for people you love?
Dad's surgery will be this Friday morning, as will be my Uncle's. He's have his hip replaced. Dad is having two vascular stints put in. Prayers for them and their surgical teams, good thoughts, candles, etc...all gratefully appreciated.
As EZ used to say, Knit On through all things? Or something like that. Right now, I'm heading for some yarn therapy!