Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ruffled Baby Socks, ver.2

Some of you may have read a pattern that was sent out waaaaaaaay too soon, sorry. Here's what SHOULD have been sent out.
I wanted to make another sock with a little bit longer (albeit so little) difference in the ruffle. I also wanted to make a basically solid colored sock, with just the ruffle a different color. I think it came out pretty cute. I have always thought that pink with a little bit of white trim looks really 'clean'. Now, I can't wait to have a chance to knit up some in red with white, and a whole lot of other colors! We are on a roll, or is that a ruffle? oy!
Ruffled Baby Socks, ver. 2
© September 24, 2009 Cathy Waldie

Once again you must have the book, "Knit a Dozen Baby Socks" from American School of Needlework. I used the smaller sized sock with a (US)3 (3.25mm) set of dpn's for a 6-12 month sized fit. This time I used the pattern for Basic socks.

This pattern is for 32 stitch sock, so I multiplied the 32 x 3 = 96.

To make the ruffle, I started by C/O 96 stitches with the CC color and join, without twisting.

Row 1) Purl around
Row 2) *P1, P2 tog* around (64 sts)
Row 3) Purl around
Row 4) P2 tog around (32 sts)
Row 5) Switch back to MC and Purl around
Row 6) Begin with the directions of the sock as written in the book. One other modification, I used a 2 x 2 rib rather than the 1 x 1 written in the pattern. After you finish the socks, fold the cuff down, and place on your cutie patootie!

As always, remember that Copyrights belong with the original writer of a pattern. That is why you won't see the whole sock patterns here, since they are not mine. They belong to the writer of the American School of Needlework book. Please buy the book and give credit to the original designer. In the same vein, there is someone else out there who has re-written my 'Two Heats as One Dishcloth', renamed it 'slightly' and is refusing to take it off of Raverly and her blog. In no way did I give permission to her to use my idea, or pattern. I have contacted Ravelry already and a group of lawyers. Please play nicely. For some of us, our patterns are our livelihood...it's NOT OK to steal, beg, borrow part of someone else's patterns and offer them up as your own. It's illegal, and it's wrong.

At the same time as a consumer, even of 'free' patterns, please do NOT support those who do not honor such copyrights. Your 'vote' happens every time you pick a pattern to knit and use. The best way to honor your favorite designers, is to honor their copyrights. It would be a shame to have many great patterns disappear due to a few bad apples trying to misuse creative designers' generosity.

I'm asking you politely, play nice. Play fair. We're lucky enough to have free blogs to use and share patterns across the Internet. Let's celebrate the blessings it has brought us, and NOT support those who will not play by the rules.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Adult Flap Cap

Here are the two hats together. The momma size, and the baby size. Aren't they just too cute? All matchy-matchy!

Here's what I had left over. The skein of chocolate on the top left has very little. I used it for both the hats. The middle one I used on the momma sized hat when I double stranded the Cascade 220. The skein on the right, I never touched. On the bottom, the white, purple and dark teal were used only a slight amount for both hats. To double strand the adult size, I held onto both the center strand and the end from the outside of the 'cake'. It worked very well. Now, I have plenty enough left over to make another adult sized hat. Most likely, it'll just all go back to my stash of Cascade 220 for the next time I want to add some color to another project. This time I managed to keep the labels tucked into each cake so I can remember which colors I used.

See? I'll learn down the road. At some point. Hopefully.

Yes, I will make these patterns again! Too cute and a nice fit. I'm hoping the Mommy and Little Miss "B" will be styling this winter when the winds begin to blow. Oh, and that they don't get shrunk in the wash. How do I know? Well, it's the reason my Mom no longer has her wool ski sweaters. *sigh* we don't talk about those EVER. But I can say with certainty, I have learned my lessons. The hard way.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

momma sized...

This is just going oh so well! For all practical purposes..the adult hat is done the same as the baby sized, only I have double stranded the Cascade 220 yarn on (US) 10 (6.0mm) needles. Yes, I'm using my addi clicks and loving how fast this went today. I'm guess I'll easily be finished tomorrow, ends and all. Then a quick block, and off to the soon-to-be-frozen lands for Momma and Little Miss "B" to be all matchy-matchy this winter jacket season.

Still hard to picture with the 100*F+ heat here in Southern California...but I know it will come. And they need to be warm, head to toe. Don't you just love Cabin Fever patterns?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cabin Fever Little Flap Cap

This may seem like a copy of yesterday's posting, but it's the finished posting of this hat! I got it done late last night and wanted to wait until today to get some indirect, natural lighting pictures to post. The pictures from yesterday were under a desk light. Man oh man do I like this pattern! It's fast, it's easy, and it will cover little ears very well. I'm thinking this could be a really great knit in a multi yarn without the fair isle part for charity knitting needs!

Here's another view of the colors section. Yep, will make this one over and over again, but for now, I need to cast on for the matching Mommy hat! (Cabin Fever #107 pattern) ... off to pull out the (US) 10 (6.0mm) tips!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Little Flap Cap

This is just too cute!

In just a few hours worth of time, I've gotten this far already today. I'll be making a "mommy-sized" hat for Little Miss B and her mommy to wear this winter in Michigan. I know...kinda hard to knit in 100% wool, when it's supposed to hit the 90's today...but...

When using Cascade 220....in Chocolate, white and dark Teal....Like "Mr. Food" is so fond of saying...OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, it's so good!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ruffled Baby Socks

Ruffled Baby Socks

© September 11, 2009 Cathy Waldie

Must have the book, "Knit a Dozen Baby Socks" from American School of Needlework.
I used the smaller sized sock with a (US)2 (2.75mm) set of dpn's. I used the pattern for Denim Blue, but omitted the CC color around the beginning of the ribbing, but did use the CC color for the heels and toes.

I started with the 'boys' look first, so I cold figure out my colors, etc...

To make the ruffle, I started by C/O 96 stitches with the CC color. This pattern is for 32 stitch sock, so I multiplied the 32 x 3 = 96.

Row 1) Purl around
Row 2) *P1, P2 tog* around (64 sts)
Row 3) P2 tog around (32 sts)
Row 4) Switch back to MC and Purl around
Row 5) begin with the directions of the sock as written in the book.

One other modification, I used a 2 x 2 rib rather than the 1 x 1 written in the pattern.

After you finish the socks, fold the cuff down, and place on your cutie patootie!

Just had to do it!

Got to thinking that this set wasn't finished without the socks! Yep, I said so as I posed the sweaters and hats the other day. Well, about ten seconds later, I pulled out the 'Knit a Dozen Baby Socks' book from American School of Needlework and the rest of the Baby Bee, Sweet Delights yarn that I had left over from the Sweaters and Hats, and off to work I got.

The boy's socks were the first to be finished. I added the 'Sunshine' color to the toes and the heels, with the Blueberry to finished up the little 'Bruin' socks. Then I wanted the girl socks to be a little more frilly. Right? So I added the ruffles. Actually, I knit the socks top down, so I started with the ruffles. Wanna know how I did these? Hold on a moment, and I'll post the directions. Get your "Knit a Dozen Baby Socks" book out while I type up the directions. They're short and easy.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Baby Striped Hat

Baby Striped Hat
© September 7, 2009 Cathy Waldie

(US) 5 (3.75 mm) and (US) 6 (4.0mm), 9 or 16" circular needles, or double points
any Sport weight/DK yarn, ~55 yds color A, ~10 yds color B
[sample made with Baby Bee, Sweet Delights Pomp from Hobby Lobby]

With (US) 5 (3.75mm) 9" circular needle and Color A, C/O 64 sts, join without twisting.
1-7: K2, P2

Switch to (US) 6 (4.0mm) needles
8-10: K around
11-13: Color A: K around
14-16: Color B: K around
17-19: Color A: K around
20-22: Color B: K around
23-25: Color A: K around, cut color A
26-36: Color B: K around
37: *K 6, K2 tog* around
38: K
39: *K5, K2 tog* around
40: K
41: *K4, K2 tog* around
42: K
43: *K3, K2 tog* around
44: K
45: *K2, K2 tog* around
46: K
47: *K1, K2 tog* around
48: K
49: *K2 tog* around
50: *K2 tog* around

Cut thread, thread through remaining stitches, secure. Weave in ends.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Labor Day!

I spent my weekend finishing the sweaters, made two hats and one of the blankets. Just one more blanket and 2 more sweaters to go (probably hats, too..) to finish the Twins' set...but I'm really thinking of adding some socks now, too. Twins NEVER come early..do they? ulg. That's what I was afraid of!

It feels soooooooooooo good to be able to knit again! Bye, bye cyst...please never come back again!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Regardless of the temperature...

Or the date on the calendar....
Kids around here seem to think it's time for FALL!
... Saturday Football...

and after game hugs...

But to me, it nearly feels...

like Christmas!

(US) 5 (3.75mm) tips came for my Addi Click needle sets....

Books that have been on pre-order and back order, have come in this week! Alice Starmore's Book of Fair Isle Knitting, Elizabeth Zimmermann's A-B-C SJ from Schoolhouse press #5, Kyler's Kardigan from Cottage Creations (thanks to Major Knitter's 'obsession' with knitting more sweaters that she had time for...ahahaha..)and another Sirdar pattern book for babies- Little Stars in Stripes.....

The August Dishcloth swap from Ravelry's Dishcloths R Us arrived from Barb in Florida...

aren't they pretty! Such yummy colors, makes me want some swirled ice cream every time I look at them! But the patterns are really neat, too. Isn't it fun to get something that's been knitted - just for you? After all the things I've knit for others, it's rare, without being in a swap, I get presents knitted for me.

And then...from Canada, my good friend Norma found the King Cole pattern I could find here for me! And then send me the latest Creative Knitting Magazine, too! What a great surprise!

and now that I've had the cyst drained yesterday...

I can finish the baby blanket and...

...the baby hats I started at the game today, so I can get the rest of the to-do list finished.

After all, I have a lot of new ideas ready to burst forth after opening all those packages!

In the meantime, I got my 'regular' flu shot today...when are you getting yours?

Did you know you can now order the downloadable copy of the calendar as of today? http://www.dishclothcalendar.com/ is where you need to head if you don't have a copy ordered yet! I don't have mine yet, in hand, and I just KNOW my to-do list is going to get even longer when it arrives!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

BSJ #8 and #9

Are now FINISHED! Yea!

Here's the up close look at the buttons.

EZ's BSJ pattern, Baby Bee, Sweet Delights Pomp yarn in Blueboy and Sunshine. Each used ~322 yards/109 grams total...~25 yards of the yellow in each sweater. I used (US) 6 (4.0mm) needles for the body of the sweater, (US) 4 (3.5mm), (US) 6 (4.0mm), and (US) 8 (5.0mm) needles for the collar. The 'extra' details for the I-cord Bind off and I-cord Seams can be found in the tutorials on the left side of this blog. Adding the collar, I learned from the Yahoo Knit Baby Surprise group-link under the yahoo groups also listed on the left side of this blog. Love this pattern, Love the yahoo group!

Now, since these were made for a set of twins (boy and a girl) due in November whose Momma was my daughter's UCLA roommate a few years back...I added the 'Bruin' Buttons to round out the cutey-pie sweaters. Hope they all love 'em!

Now, it's time to finished the matching blankets...and 2 more sweaters in larger sizes...