Friday, September 7, 2007

KBB Dishcloth-UPDATE 9/14

I have been knitting up a couple of dishcloths and still have a few more to go. Found out that the son wasn't going to use them except as for hot pads to set his pans on top of. So I explained that Mom has the ability to knit up a few more if they got ruined (hello Mr. Garbage Disposal, you bain of my existence!) or if he got tired of the colors, or they were soiled (do laundry!)..or or or... You get the idea, right?

Before you ask, the patterns I used for these up above include the Bridal Shower Lace Dishcloth (UPDATE: Now posted in the list of patterns to the left side of the page..sorry!) and the Puffy Basketweave Dishcloth. Both are my patterns you can find in the Wishing I was Knitting at the Lake Patterns over on the left ( <---- ) side of this page.

While picking through the colors that I had I decided to play with Columns Dishcloth and the KBB Baby Blanket that are over the left ( <----- ) in the pattern section. I've now come up another tweak on the pattern, and today I give you the KBB Dishcloth. (Or washcloth if you prefer.) I have used Both Lion Cotton and Lily's Sugar and Cream. With the Kelly Green, I'm certain that the color is going to run the first one or two times it hits water. Doesn't surprise me. A bit of color came off on my fingers while knitting it up. It's the same as the green dishcloths that I'd made at least 10 years ago in the Sugar and Cream yarn. It's one of my complaints about that brand. But, when that's the brand available when you're at the store and you HAVE to get some cotton...or if that's the color you're looking for and the other companies don't produce it...well, you make sure the user is aware that it's going to bleed green into your dishwater in the beginning. Then, make sure the first couple of times you do laundry, it's not anywhere near your favorite white pair of pants. Trust me. I learn things in interesting ways at times.

This, like so many of my patterns, is a simple pattern to make, but good for texture. I like texture. Texture gives it character. It keeps you from boring knitting. (In my opinion.) And dishcloths are small in project size to keep you from getting to the 'this is really boring' part of a huge project. Or, as I found the past few weeks...from falling asleep while you're knitting across a row when the heat is over 100*F day after day. (oy!)

KBB Dishcloth
© Cathy Waldie, November, 2006
(US) 7 (4.5 mm) knitting needles
Cast on 35 sts.

1-6 ) K all rows.

7) K across
8) Sl 1, K3, P3, *K1tbl, P3* 6 times; end K4

Repeat rows (7- 8) for a total of 20 repeats.

Knit 7 rows. B/O in Purl. Cut yarn, weave in ends, steam block.

Closer views of the KBB Dishcloth pattern in different colors.

Now, off to make a couple of Grandma's Favorites with these and a baby blanket with the colors of a certain University (who'd better redeem themselves after last week's 'unmentionable' football game) for another family baby due in November. She'll be #4 daughter for that family, and I believe it's time to dress her 'properly' since she will be living within walking distance of said University Football team. Ya. Not going to send pink this time. (should make middle daughter happy..she's not a 'fan' of pink!) Nor am I working on lavender. I think lavender's ability to put me to sleep is going to have to wait a bit for me to pick it up again. At least that's my feelings this week. (ha ha )


Yankee Girl ~ Missy said...

I love the blanket so far. It looks like a crochet ripple but I believe that I see a circ needle stuck in there. Love the dishcloths/hot pads.

magnoliasntea said...

Thanks for sharing your pattern, Cathy. It's a good one, so I'm snagging a copy. :)
Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

I have checked the patterns to the right-hand side. Am I missing the Bridal Shower cloth pattern?

I did find the KBB pattern for both the cloth AND the towel. What I need to do now if find large skeins of yarn!

Happy knitting,
janeyknitting AT yahoo DOT ca

Cathy said...

GOOD CATCH! Thanks for the comment, I just realized that I'd not listed the pattern on the left side. It's up there now...thanks again for the catch!!!!!!!!

Large skeins are at Walmart occassionally, Michael's and Joanne's lately...and the mill ends at A.C. Moore.

April Klich said...

Thanks for the pattern. It was just what I was looking for.