Friday, February 1, 2008

Two Hearts as One Kitchen Hanging Hand Towel

Two Hearts as One Kitchen Hanging Hand Towel© Cathy Waldie, January 22, 2008 (revised 2/9/08)

(US) 7 (4,5mm) needles
4 oz. 100% worsted weight Cotton (sample in Hot Pink! Lily Sugar ‘n Cream)
Chibi Needle

C/O= Cast On
Sl 1=Slip One
YO=Yarn Over
PSSO= Pass Slipped Stitch Over
X’s= Times
Tog= Together
B/O= Bind Off

C/O 59 stitches

1-6) Knit across for bottom border, slipping the first stitch of each row
7) Sl 1, K1, K3, YO, Sl 1, K1, PSSO, K4, YO, Sl 1, K1, PSSO, *K5, YO, Sl 1, K1, PSSO* 5 x’s, K4, YO, Sl 1, K1, PSSO, K3, K2
8) Sl 1, K1, P55, K2
9) Sl 1, K1, K3, K2 tog, YO, K4, K2tog, YO, *K5, K2tog, YO* 5 x’s, K4, K2tog, YO, K3, K2
10) Sl 1, K1, P55, K2
11-18) Repeat Rows (7 – 10) for a total of 3 x’s
19) Sl 1, K1, K3, YO, Sl 1, K1, PSSO, K4, YO, Sl 1, K1, PSSO, K33, YO, Sl 1, K1, PSSO, K4, YO, Sl 1, K1, PSSO, K3, K2
20) Sl 1, K1, P27, K1, P27, K2
21) Sl 1, K1, K3, K2tog, YO, K4, K2tog, YO, K33, K2tog, YO, K4, K2tog, YO,K3, K2
22) Sl 1, K1, P26, K3, P26, K2
23) Row 19
24) Sl 1, K1, P25, K5, P25, K2
25) Row 21
26) Sl 1, K1, P24, K7, P24, K2
27) Row 19
28) Sl 1, K1, P23, K9, P23, K2
29) Row 21
30) Sl 1, K1, P21, K13, P21, K2
31) Row 19
32) Sl 1, K1, P19, K8, P1, K8, P19, K2
33) Row 21
34) Sl 1, K1, P17, K9, P3, K9, P17, K2
35) Row 19
36) Sl 1, K1, P15, K10, P5, K10, P15, K2
37) Row 21
38) Sl 1, K1, P14, K9, P9, K9, P14, K2
39) Row 19
40) Sl 1, K1, P13, K9, P11, K9, P13, K2
41) Row 21
42) Sl 1, K1, P12, K9, P13, K9, P12, K2
43) Row 19
44) Sl 1, K1, P12, K8, P15, K8, P12, K2
45) Row 21
46) Sl 1, K1, P12, K8, P15, K8, P12, K2
47) Row 19
48) Sl 1, K1, P12, K8, P15, K8, P12, K2
49) Row 21
50) Sl 1, K1, P12, K9, P6, K1, P6, K9, P12, K2
51) Row 19
52) Sl 1, K1, P13, K9, P4, K3, P4, K9, P13, K2
53) Row 21
54) Sl 1, K1, P14, K27, P14, K2
55) Row 19
56) Sl 1, K1, P15, K25, P15, K2
57) Row 21
58) Sl 1, K1, P16, K11, P1, K11, P16, K2
59) Row 19
60) Sl 1, K1, P17, K9, P3, K9, P17, K2
61) Row 21
62) Sl 1, K1, P19, K5, P7, K5, P19, K2
63) Row 19
64) Sl 1, K1, P55, K2
65) Row 21
66) Sl 1, K1, P55, K2
67-77) Repeat Rows (7-10) 3x’s
78-80) Knit across

Begin decreases for the Towel Top

81) Sl 1, K7, *(Sl 1, k2tog, PSSO), K7* 4 times, end, (Sl 1, K2tog, PSSO) K8. (49 sts.)
82, 84, 86, 88, 90, 92) Knit (slipping the first stitch)
83) Sl 1, K6, *(Sl 1, K2tog, PSSO), K5* 4 times, last 10 sts: Sl 1, K2tog, PSSO), K7 (39 sts.)
85) Sl 1, K5, *(Sl 1, K2tog, PSSO), K3* 4 times, last 9 sts: (SL1 K2tog, PSSO), K6. (29 sts.)
87) Sl 1, K4, *(Sl 1, K2tog, PSSO), K1* 4 times, last 8 sts: (Sl 1, K2 tog, PSSO), K5. (19 sts)
89) Sl 1, K3, (K2tog) 6 times, K3 (13 sts.)
91) (K2tog) 3 times, K1, (K2tog) 3 times. (7 sts.)

Tab Section of Towel Top

92-93) Knit, slipping the first stitch
94) Sl 1, K1, P3, K2.
95-108) repeat rows 93 and 94 of the tab section.
109, 110) Knit, slipping the first stitch
111) Sl 1, K1, P3, K2
112-125) repeat rows 110 and 111 of the tab section
126) Sl 1, K1, Bind off center 3 sts, K to end (4 sts) (creates buttonhole)
127) Sl 1, Kfb next st, Kfb next st, K1 (6 sts)
128) K2tog, K2tog, K2tog
129) Knit 1, K2tog, pass first stitch over. Pull tail through last stitch. Weave in ends, wet/spray block. Sew button into center stitches on tab decrease row #92.

Don't forget to make a Tribble to finish off your set!


old lady said...

Thank you so much for this pattern. I must be really dumb today because in reading this over on row 7 - what am I passing the slipped stitch over??
Must be the stormy weather affecting more than just my sinues!! Thanks bunches!

Cathy said...

Thanks for the's a K1, which I've added...thanks! Had a horrible connection while trying to post earlier..hopefully, it's all set now!

Lil Knitter said...

You are quick! Thanks again for sharing. I love this one so pretty.

AllyB said...

Hey Cathy! Thanks for visiting. The ASJ was a bit difficult since it was my first big sweater project but a great learning experience and the final result was worth the effort. It's making a great artistic statement draped over the guest chair in my office at work now. Your heart cloths are beautiful and right on time for Valentines Day gifting. Thank you for sharing your pattern. I'm hoping you'll get nothing but good news on your folks in the coming days. I'll be thinking about you all. Have a great week.

lovealegna said...

These are beautiful. I will make this set, probably as a Mother's Day gift for someone...(not my own mother--she requested matching gloves for the hat/scarf I made her for Christmas).
Your tribbles come out so perfectly round and un-crinkled without a hole in the center...Mine are fine, but end up wavy if I pull to close the hole? You can look at my ravelry to see what I mean...What's your trick? Maybe its the size needle, or number of rows you knit?
You and your parents are in my thoughts :)

Anonymous said...

These are so beautiful! But what is a Trible besides the Star Trek ones?

lovealegna said...

Precisely :). Tribbles (knit) are another name for the scrubbers. If you make it with furry yarn, they look like the Star Trek Tribbles :)

Shelly said...

Is there a pattern for the Tribble?


Anonymous said...

For rows 95-108, did you mean "repeat rows 93 & 94"?

Anonymous said...


I was wondering if you have the pattern for the round knitted scrubber. Also I tried to print some of your patterns out but since they are typed in blue won't show up on paper. Thanks Again.

Anonymous said...

I think you also need to make a correction in Row 81 - you put a K1 instead of K2tog???

81) Sl 1, K7, (Sl 1, k2tog, PSSO), K7, (Sl 1, K2tog, PSSO), K7, (Sl 1, "K2tog", PSSO), K7, (Sl 1, K2tog, PSSO), K7, end, (Sl 1, K2tog, PSSO) K8. (49 sts.

Cathy said...

No, the K1 stands, as the center stitch. That's why I added the stitch count. But thanks for writing. I appreciate all the help I've had with this pattern.

Happy knitting!

Marie said...

that is so pretty, do you have crochet instructions??? I don't knit but I crochet. new follower.. :)

Anonymous said...

Ok, I'll admit total ignorance.
What is a tribble???

Cathy said...

Scroll down the left side of my blog to the tutorial sections and click on the link for Tribbles, it'll take to you my tutorial on them and give you the link for the original pattern. They're pot scrubbers.

Persida said...

Love this pattern. I did one but just knitted rows 7-10 til I got my desired length and then picked up the pattern at row 81. Turned out beautifully!

Kathy Dean said...

Hi Cathy, I love your Two Hearts as one kitchen hanging hand towel. However I have a few questions for you I am obviously doing something wrong. I am a fairly new knitter that will explain my problem. I find on the rows I don't have enough stitches to complete the row. Example row 7, there are 17 stitches, then the stitches between the asterisks, if I am suppose to do them 5x would be 65 stitches. Please tell me what I am doing wrong as I have started this about 3 times and would love to give it as a wedding gift in Sept. Thanks so much for your help, I love both the towel and cloth. my email is if you prefer to contact me that way. Thanks so much and have a wonderful day, Kathy with a K LOL

Cathy said...

Are you taking into account that the psso is a decrease? Without seeing your work I can only guess.

Sandy from Canada said...

Hello Cathy...

I am trying to knit the hand towel. Row 7 doesn't work out to the right number of stitches. I end up with 51 stitches instead of 59. I don't know what to do next. I have taken this out and started over twice. I'm trying to knit up the set for a wedding shower gift, and I already have the dish cloth done.

I really hope you can help me with this problem.

Looking forward to your reply.

Thank you

Fellow Knitter

Cathy said...

Go back and double check your yo's. And make sure you're doing the center section 5 times. That part alone will give you 35 stitches. Count, count, count. But I promise this works to 59.

Sandy from Canada said...

Hello Cathy...

Thank you very much. Third times a charm!!

It worked. Now I'm going to add the tribble to finish off the set.

I really appreciate your reply. Thanks again

Cathy said...

Make certain to link up in ravelry so we can see it! Yippee!