Saturday, October 6, 2012

A Mother's Wish 5K

 Just a quick update, I'm a 'bit' tired and really should be sleeping already. I went on another 5K walk today. It supported A Mother's Wish program.  Click on that link and learn more about how you can help.
 They gave us all T-shirts and a back pack/duffle in pink today. Cute?
 Here's a quick shot inside the Lake Orion High School as everyone was heading out the door.
 As 5K walkers, my friend Mary and I were at the back of the huge group. But here was our vantage point as we headed for the start line behind the group.
 And we were right about to hit the finish line at this point.
 Can you see why I was walking?

Here's a closer look!
And here's more reasons for other walkers and runners.

It was a good day.

 Now, it's time for some quick sleep. Until next time!