Sunday, September 7, 2008

Good things come to....

...those who wait 20..yes - 20 FRIGGIN' YEARS! I've wanted a pair of Birks for a veryyyyyyyyyy long time...and now that I have them....all I can say is...WHAT WAS I THINKING WAITING SO LONG????????????? No thanks to the moron who dumped apple juice all over them while they were still technically still Brand New! Now that the 'new car smell' has been taken off, dangitall, I can still good. They will NOT be alone in my yet-to-be-collection I tell you!

Yes, foolish that I am....but now I can start to figure out how to make this

into something that had better fit these 36/37 sized feet...yes, apparently I have two different much for breaking a foot 5 years ago....I guess I always have to be a bit on the different side of life. Last pair I made years ago for myself, needed a pair of swimming floaties stuffed into them to keep them up around my ankles...maybe with better yarn, the results will be better? I know, I dream big. Go big, or go home.

Now, guess which kid I picked this up for? Har har..tough guess-huh? Pattern is in hand as I type this...but will have to remain a bit of secret for awhile...since she gets to see the pictures that are up here. Go ORANGE!