Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Trapped in the dark abyss known as...

Ravelry! OK, so it's not so dark...but with all the 'organizational opportunities they have for you there, once you get started don't be surprised if you pick your head up and find out a whole week has passed by before you know it! I'm sooooooooooo loving this! And it started out so very innocently. Honest, it did!

Here's what happened. I got my invite back in October. I started to post several of my patterns over there that I've posted here. Then I got busy with some new patterns (yes, there are still more to come, and more that have been requested..) and went back to post them. In the mean time on some of the knitting boards Ravelry has been a topic of discussion. Talk began about how it sucks you into a black hole. A few just don't get it. I like to think about it as the ultimate knitting search engine. Or that it will be as soon as more and more items are added. Since my parents don't have a computer and are unfamiliar with all things computer type, I've explained it to them as the ultimate library card catalog for those who want to fill in the blanks over there.

I then started adding some of the books in my 'library.' I have several left to add, once their list is added to. That's been my own frustration as of this point. Not all of my books are on their master list. (It's also a HUGE enabler with their master list, too.) Then I got an email from Hobby Lobby that their online ordering site had everything on sale at 25% off! Well, knowing how much I LOVE that yarn crack, I thought it was time to get started figuring out what all I already had and what I'd like to 'acquire' as of yet.

As I was taking pictures and documenting all of my Hobby Lobby yarn, I pulled out a lot of my cotton with the intent of getting it ready for the next few patterns that I wanted to knit up. I realized then that I had a 'few' cones and found that I could actually fill up a whole bin with them. OY! Looking over these I'm getting the impression I'm partial to blues! (ha ha) and I know there is a blue/white combination still in the closet in my bedroom and several more that were special order colors from Peaches & Creme that I used for my son's Dodger blue colored KBB Kitchen Hanging Hand Towel set.

Then I added the Factory Mill End cotton bags from AC Moore,

Which then led to adding my 'big' skeins of cotton-have you seen the new stripes? Have I got an idea for you..but it might take me a bit to get there. I have a list to do...which seems to jump longer by the day, also thanks to Ravelry and the huge collection of pictures....

Which THEN led me to remember previous discussions on how people organize their needles. Of course I HAD to pull out my needles and snap a few pictures there. Is that a bit of a 'stack'?

Well, I HAVE been knitting since I was 7 years old...

Now, It's rare that I've gotten rid of needles. I have sent some off in the past, but I like the ones I have now. These containers were originally meant as wine container I believe from Target. They're perfect for my old metal straights and big old chunky 'poles'. Can you see the old white with red ends from Boye? If you look carefully, you can find the size 35 and 50's that are turquoise hiding in there, too. Then there were the bamboo Japanese needles someone mentioned on a list from a dollar store near my house that proved to be labeled with very incorrect sizes..and generally a catch-all for all things knitterly.

Next up on our show and tell list are all the circular needles that I used to think I would ever need, until I met those amazing addi-turbos. Once upon a time, thanks to the old 'Home' TV shows I created a notebook that I hole punched through 1/2 gallon zip bags to put them into the notebook by size. That's how I found out that I had several pairs of (US)7 (4.5mm) 29" circulars! Who knew? I still keep my 14" metal straights but rarely use them for knitting. They do, however, make fabulous drain and vacuum cleaner de-cloggers!

Plastic school storage containers are some of my favorite containers for needles, too. I have 3. One for my double points...

One for my crochet hooks...

And the third one is the long, ruler length box for my straight wooden needles. I went in search of these when I noticed my Brittany Black Walnut needles were beginning to bend from standing up in another container on my night stand. Once I started laying them flat, the bend just up and walked away!

Lastly, I am using the lunch sack that NMCRS gave me as an appreciation gift for the baby blankets to store my addi-turbos in. The padded lunchbox with a strap is the perfect size to keep them all wrapped up inside. Yes, I still keep them in their original pouches. I've also added cheap dollar store zip pencil cases all labeled by size to use for my 'take along' projects in my knitting bags. That way when I have multiple sizes for a project, at a glance I can pull the correct needle size, without more wear and tare and use them for storage in my knitting bags as well. It really keeps the points from poking through the project zip bags.

Then, as I was gathering and sorting and organizing, I found the black and red Paton's Classic Wool that I'd picked up eons ago for my brother's Felted Oven Mitts that I wanted to do for him. Which then reminded me that my daughter's birthday is coming up in March and I had pink and purple for a set for her all ready to go. That led me to pull out my copy of Felted Knits and I have 3 1/2 mitts knit up and am ready to begin the border on this first trivet. With luck later this week I'll get them all felted and dried..and sent on their way.

Then, I made more Potato Leek soup which I had to take pictures of because this batch came out even better than last weeks! This one for some strange reason, came out fabulously thick! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO So good!

AND THEN.....as if that wasn't enough to distract me from the rest of anything else going on in the world...we got the phone call. Well, that's not quite accurate. It was actually a picture on my phone.
The picture?
You could call it a bit of 'bling'.
Bling you ask?
Sparkly bling, to be exact.
On the left hand...of my daughter!
Oh, and yes, this is most definitely Mother approved..and Grandparents approved as well!
So, here at Chez Stuff...it's been a wee bit busy!

Bring on the Bubbly!