Friday, June 8, 2007

Batten Down the Hatches...she's Blown into Town!

I am one tired, but happy camper right about now...not only did I arrive at my parent's house via some interesting airpockets around O'Hare and Flint airports, but I just found out I can pick up broadband in their apartment! Don't know how long it will last, but for right now, it's working! Sooooooooooooooooooooo much better than dial up!

Ok, I finished the purple blankie 10 mins before we landed on the 2nd flight today. The baby shower is tomorrow. The last two sweaters aren't even started...oh well. I originally thought I had until August to get all things finished before I knew I was going to be here. Hopefully, I'll be able to get a lot of pictures tomorrow and post them shortly. If this broadband thing holds up....we might even get out of Dallas and back to California on this little trip story! Loading up pictures on the last installment, I kid you not..took me 4 1/2 hours! That's a longgggggggggggggg time to load pictures. And ifin I wasn't so tired, I'd finish it now.

However, the night before I fly, IF I get any sleep, it's not much and it's not good sleep. I end up laying in bed with 3 alarms set, and still worry that I'll sleep right through them and miss my flight. The good part, is that I arrive tired, need sleep, and hopefully I'll adjust to Mom and Dad's time schedule very shortly. (Trust me on this one...they like the same time table for everyone and it makes things much smoother. Even if we 'forget' that they're morning folks and I'm definately NOT.) Last night I 'sorta' got 1 1/2 hours worth of choppy sleep. Dad has invited me out for breakfast in the morning IF I get up in time. But then has a makeup radiation treatment while we girls head on off to the shower. My uncle is going with him and they will then head out for a 'guys' lunch. The baby to be will be my uncle's Great-Granddaughter, but the guys just aren't interested in all things baby showery like. Go figure. HA!

Have you ever gone home to visit your parents, and find that their bedtimes just don't match yours and are 3 hours ahead of your time table..and then...their floors squeek when you want to get a drink of water? Tip-toeing just doesn't do a thing, when the whole floor doesn't just squeeks like it matters and wants to sing it LOUD!

Luckily, at the end of next week...some of my classmates are gathering in town for an informal 30th class reunion. Can't wait to see who can make it back to town. Cuz you KNOW I don't feel old...I refuse.

Signing off for tonight. I'll add some pictures later this weekend if the broadband stays afloat to spice up this post. Tonight...I'm just a bit too tired. But, I have arrived, so have the bags, and the baby gifts (Knitted of course) and were hand carried into town. I wasn't going to take the chance of it getting lost in luggage, so I carried them all onto the plane. 2 blankets, 2 sweaters ready to go, one hat to make tonight, and 2 sweaters before the August due date to go! (Plus some charity knits to be delivered while in town...story to follow.) I can't wait to see my family members all in ONE PLACE! AT ONE TIME! of mine...are you jealous yet? ehehehehe..(I tried to send you a picture of Grandma and Grandpa when I got here, but my cell phone won't get a signal. Not even outside down the street and around the corner...literally! dang it!

Oh, and kids...I get to hug K tomorrow, too! And V, and M and M and Auntie M and Uncle love.

I promise, I'll bring your hugs all home for you guys, too!

One other's kinda nice to be in a part of the country where real the news around here....and it's veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy quiet!