Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Recognize the colors?

I decided awhile back that some of the 'stash' has GOT to go! It's prompted me to find ways to knit it up between other must do projects..after all there was NO way I was going to just toss it out! So, in that vein, I dove in to the gajillion skeins of "too teal" Paton's Wool that I have left over from knitting Mom's cable sweater. While reading though one of the afghans for Afghans' newsletter, I found the link to Elizabeth's Sock Class. Since making socks is one of my newest goals in knitting that will fit me, I'm open to practicing on lots of different sizes, with different fibers to learn new tricks. http://afghansforafghansknitalong.blogspot.com/2010/01/sock-class-part-1-cast-on-and-knit-cuff.html is where the tutorial/pattern begins. I like it. It is a little different than the last worsted weight pattern that I've been using to make the socks for Ship's Support. And I learned a little bit more as well. I like learning new tricks. Especially when I can carry the tips from one project to another. This pattern wasn't as specific as the previous one had been for me, so I had to learn to do a little bit of 'figuring'. And that's never a bad thing-right?

Having still yet MORE left over, I decided to make another Mushroom cap (#14 for those of you who are keeping track.) This time, I didn't have my notes right at hand, so I looked up the pattern again. Funny how you do something one way for a thousand times, and then go back to the original and find out you've been doing the crown top a little bit different. So this is knit to the actual pattern. http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/mushroom-cap-2 I still think these look a little goofy when you lay then on the table (or floor) to take their pictures. However, I'm so happy that the same number of stitches can fit so many different sized heads! It's a natural pattern to pick for charity knitting, because it fits such a variety of head sizes! And that's always a good thing, too.

Off to knit on my socks or maybe Mom's hat that also didn't get done in time for Mother's Day. I'm sitting on ice packs today for my back. That's not fun, but it means I'll not be doing much else until I can breathe without my back 'catching'. Love the ice packs, but really wish I didn't know so much about them.