Sunday, August 31, 2008

I'm Home

I'm home, and look at what I finished on the planes. And I love it!

The flight from Boston to Cincinnati gave me time to finish the hat. And then onto LAX gave me enough time to finish the sweater. Now, I'm a little concerned that the hat will be too short. If anyone has made this before, what did you find with the finished project? Please share. This is the one thing that I dislike about sending gifts so far away from California - I can't see how they fit up close on the recipient. However, picture has been sent to the parents and they like it. So after a bit of a wet block, and some dry time, off to the post office it will go. And I'm thinking there will be plenty of growth room with this size 2-3 years old.

Details....Sirdar book 332, Little Sweet Peas, pattern A-Girl's Lacy Cardigan and Hat. Baby Bee, Sweet Delights Baby, Berry Jam, 1.28 skeins (147 g), (US) 6 ( addi turbo needles. I changed the pattern to keep the button band attached to the body of the sweater, rather than having to sew it on after the sweater was knitted.

While I'm unpacking, sorting through mail (meaning feeding the paper shredder with junk mail), and doing laundry, check out what was waiting here for me! Aren't they cute?

They're Goddess Guards, stitch markers from Susan over at She sent them to me to thank me for my patterns. What a very sweet surprise...I love 'em! Now, to decide which project to start next, after my secret scarf project and BSJ are finished so I can use them! Go find a set you like! She's got angels, too!