Monday, July 30, 2007

Today's Knitting Accessory

Today's coolest new knitting accessory, comes compliments of CVS---can you see it?

Can't see it? Come on..look again...they're right there...

They're called Beach Readers! What are they? Bi-focal sunglasses with magnifiers in them!

Which means...NO MORE DOUBLE LAYERING glasses AND sunglasses on top of each other when I'm knitting in the sun anymore!

Now, before you all start saying..silly old woman...get RX sunglasses..well...let me tell $14.99 this is even more than I said I'd ever spend on Sunglasses. My all time favorites came from K-Mart about a hundred years ago..for $8.00. (Huge, BLUE, and very 80's thankyouverymuch-ok, I'm cheap..except for my Addi's) I said I'd never spend more than that...well. I now have to change my mind. After having 4 small children back a 'few years ago'..who loved to 'try on mommy's glasses' and then you hear a 'SNAP!' Moments later....or lost them..or left them at the library, or store, or vacation, on a plane, or McDonald's...or, or, or.......sat on them (ulg-did that a bunch), plus my prescription changes too often to warrant spending that kind of money on something that isn't going to 'live' long enough to sink money into....waaaaaaa-laaaaaaaaaa!

These are the coolest things since sliced bread, I tell you! Can you hear me say...OOOOH BABY!