Wednesday, December 31, 2008

finishing up 2008 just before the stroke of Midnight

A couple of days ago, the Baker's helper was over to the house and watched me crochet on a blue and white afghan. (He doesn't know it, but someday it'll be his when it's finished.) He asked what I was working on and I said I was practicing my crocheting because I'm not as good at it as knitting. He asked if he could have it when I was finished practicing. I told him I thought we could figure something out.

A moment later he asked if I could knit him a square, then wait...a rectangle. With a Star and my name. And a little one like 'this' like a credit card.

Out came the paper and pens and his 'designs' were on paper. The next day we hit the yarn store where he picked out his yarn. And some pink yarn as a surprise for his big sister. He wanted me to knit her a heart.

12 minutes before Midnight tonight, I downloaded the pictures of the 3 important items that had just been finished.

Here's hoping the end of your 2008 is filled with as much love as this little guy shows his big brothers and sisters!