Monday, July 2, 2012

New Letter.

New letter here that doesn't apply to the majority of you out there in the knitting blog world. However, after receiving a comment, which I did post that hit me the wrong way...I felt it was time to respond. I'm tired of dealing with employees who don't give a rat's tush how they sound to their customers. Customer service is sorely lacking across the board these days. How one treats customers and how one treats each other....well, there's a lot of room for improvement. And I also feel that if you don't let the stores know how you feel, they don't have the opportunity to correct the attitudes that need adjusting. Quality control isn't just for the quality of the product that's being produced. It applies as well to the quality of attitude your employees who are representing your company produce towards your customers. So, if the shoe fits, wear it. If not? skip this posting. I'll have some more knitting pictures up very soon. Le needles have been busy.

Dear 'Anonymous', Since you have left no name for me to respond to...I'll have to address your comments here. A) I do shop around. In fact, I had just shopped at Joann's the previous week and paid full price for some lion Cotton, sans coupons. B) In fact, I'm quite well acquainted with all the stores' inventories- both big box and lys and each of their prices. It was only when I found out that the yarn had been discontinued after normal business hours that I had gone to buy up a lot of the colors I wanted to have for some future projects. It was around midnight when I 'hit send'. c) The very next day when I went back to Joann's (yes, walk in brick and mortar stores, plural because I was shopping around) for some fabric, did I see the 60% difference in price. D) the reason for being upset was two fold. 1-the in store price was not the same as the online order price from the SAME COMPANY and 2-the attitude from 'CLINT' that he gave me over the phone...see the posting I wrote regarding his rudeness.

So, yes. I 'threw a stick'. Having a policy for two different prices (60% difference might I remind you) from the same company makes no sense to me. All other companies that I've dealt with in the past, have a price matching policy. Most importantly, Clint was a real jerk on the phone.

So yes, Ms/Mr Anonymous. I 'threw a stick'. And I would do it again. I worked in Customer Service for many years in the past and had been a Store Manager, and I would have been in a world of employment hurt for treating someone that way. I am sick and tired of snotty employees who don't care how they treat their customers. After all, it's MY money and I don't care to just throw it away. 

60% price difference within the same company for the same product and a very snotty attitude from their 'customer service' department...warrants a 'stick thrown'. How you treat your customers matters. It matters in their willingness to return to your store and it matters in your cash register for the money they choose to spend at your store. My original order was over $100. That got returned. My order from another company? Over $500. So you tell me. If Clint had been nice, I would have ordered some more. But instead, he lost my sale. Smart? Wise business decision? You tell me.