Wednesday, July 28, 2010

And just like that...

...the phone rang the moment I hit the send button, and I was off to knit a Puffy Basketweave Dishcloth for little brother. Don't you just love it when your day starts with a surprise phone call? The sweater can wait.

Knitting ADD

Back in June as I was picked up from the airport, we drove directly to a yarn store that was new to me. Check out these cute tags I picked up. Can't read the green line?

Here's a close up picture.

In case you want the details, I took a picture of the back label, too.

Too cute? Next time I'll have to remember to take pictures of the store! (Apple Valley Yarn Company in Freeland, MI )

Over the weekend, I found myself at Joann's and spent a bit of time going through a stack of new to me knitting books. (yes, I have quite the wish list now!) One of the ideas that grabbed me was an afghan pattern that I thought would really bust some stash. It's the Knit Together Afghan from the book, "Fashionable Projects for the New Knitter." Because I have been knitting since the arrival of the dinosaurs here on Earth, I have a lot of left overs. Before I found Hobby Lobby's I love this Yarn! for my new beat the heck out of afghans, I used a lot of Red Heart's Super Saver yarn. I thought knitting up squares from my left overs would be a great way to use the yarn for some future charity donation. I started with the yarn I used on the slipper socks I made last month. Now to locate the rest of the Red Heart stash! But I am noticing how scratchy it feels. Funny, I never noticed it before I started using the 'snooty' yarn. Break out the hand lotion!

I've also started using up some of the cotton skeins that I picked up back two years ago when my son graduated from Law School in Indiana. I had been to Hobby Lobby and found kits of three 14oz size skeins of Lily's Sugar 'n Cream in coordinating colors. They've pretty much just been sitting in my garage after I started ordering the Peaches and Creme cones by color. After a little 'show and tell' session with the ladies at Mom's day care center I committed to knitting up some sack socks for their needs. This is the same place my niece and I visited and then sent the dishcloths for. Stacey picked purple, green and blue as the colors they have in their kitchen room. I thought this one in Purple Camo with the green and purple mixed would fit the bill.

I'm finding that lately I've been flipping from one project to another without spending a whole lot of time on any one at a time. Talk about knitting ADD! My Ravelry projects page has 13 projects on the needles right now. The actual count is much higher. Do you ever find yourself doing this? I am often thinking about Major Knitter and her Finish it or Frogg it Fridays. I would rate a big old fat fail in that category. Maybe when I feel a little more settled down the road I won't feel so scatter brained. I really would like to get my grey sweater ready for the fall season to wear! Seems I can only get a couple of rows down on those sleeves at a time. My goal today, is to finish the sleeves. I am very close, if I can just stay focused for a wee bit longer. Wish me luck!

And while you're at it..wish my son luck, too. More on that down the road. Just remember to Breathe, Believe and repeat. I do!