Sunday, August 17, 2008

it's Cousin Time!

Well, I didn't make the party time for the sweater, but I can live with it. At the stroke of noon with the chiming clock, here's where the progress was. That marks a whole 24 hours of knitting and stuff time. Kinda short of the tips of the fronts and back, and missing the sleeves and collar.

I am really enjoying how soft this Sweet Delights, Baby in Berry Jam is feeling while I'm knitting along.

Here's a bit of a close up of the pattern bottom. Sweet! Oh, the Mommy and the Grandmommy and the Great GrandMommy and Great Aunt have all seen the knitting, not to mention the Great Grandpa was watching me knit today, because I wasn't watching. And they all like it and have said it really needs to have the little matching hat.

Have you seen the gymnastics floor exercises added additional elements to bolster their scores? Well, consider the hat an added element I guess. Once I get it done.

Then it was off to the party...where there was


Cousins who match
(there would so be more cousins here, but blogger won't let me add them...sheeshh...)

Today post church, found 3 grandmas and a birthday girl....
(see the lady in the middle? she's the one who taught me to knit when I was 7!)
(see the lady on the left? She's Mom! Wig looks good-huh? Tired, but kicking the 'c' butt these days I tell you!)

Check this one medicine ever! Don't you agree?

Almost had a second step! First one went so fast, the camera wasn't out yet...darnit.

Olympic Knitting did finish the semi-final round here, with 2 Butterfly cloths to match Grandma's Butterfly cloth. OK, theirs weren't aqua like Grandmas, but they both requested pink. Pattern: Butterfly out of the Baby Washcloths to Knit book by Leisure Arts, and I Love this Cotton! Yarn (and oh ya I certainly DO!) by Yarn Bee, from Hobby Lobby, (US) 7(4.5mm).

Here's where the sweater is right now. First picture is kinda fuzzy, taken tonight without a flash, but shows the color fairly accurate...

The 2nd picture is a bit better in focus, taken with a flash. It'll be finished. We're leaving Michigan tomorrow morning (technically today here in Michigan, but since I've not been to's tomorrow) heading past Niagara Falls, then onto Syracuse. The cube should be there day after tomorrow, and the big unpacking will begin.

Oh, and if you get the chance to do so....stop in to Mama Lupo's for a bit of ice cream over here, before they close for the winter...let's just say...Blueberry Muffin, Black Raspberry, Mint chocolate chip, Double Chocolate, Chocolate Marshmallow...and and and....oh Brain freeze just thinking about it all! Best ice cream.....oh hurt me good! Tell 'em I still think they should open a store in Southern California near Disneyland so they can stay opened all year round. Trust me, they'll know who you got the idea from! I tried really hard to convince them tonight!
I really wish I'd have had my camera with me (what was I thinking? I KNOW!) when we went over tonight. But,when was the last time you got 5 HUGE scoops of 'made right there' ice cream for under $13.00??? OH BABY! We'll be back!