Monday, October 6, 2008

Purl through the back loop tutorial

Here's a new tutorial for you. "Wink, Wink" you're going to need it in the next day, or so..if I have my cards right for you all. Here's your 'hint'....In honor of my son....Go Dodgers!

Purl through the back loop (P tbl)

1) Bring your live end of your working yarn forward of your knitting between your two needles as if you are ready to purl.

2) Every stitch has a front and a back loop to it. For this stitch, you're going to use the BACK loop today. Insert your right hand needle into the BACK loop of your stitch from the BACK towards the FRONT of your knitting. This will put a twist into your stitch and helps the stitch to 'pop' out in your picture.

3) Using your live yarn, bring the yarn around that stitch as if you're purling that stitch: wind it between the two needles, counter-clockwise, towards the front of your work.

4) Holding onto your working yarn, bring the needle down...

5) ...and slide the stitch off your left needle, completing your purl stitch.

6) You have now made a purl stitch through your back loop rather than the 'normal/traditional' way of purling through the front loop of your stitch

7) Return your working yarn to the back of your knitting to knit the next stitch.

You will need this knowledge to make one of the next three patterns due up here shortly!