Thursday, November 29, 2007

Feels like Ground Hog Day-updated

Do you remember the movie, "Ground Hog Day' with Bill Murray? I think I'm living it, only not with a particular day repeated over and over again, but with baby blankets. When did I develop that feeling? Last week while sitting in my parent's living room I started filling in some of my Ravelry account profile pages. Then I went over to the KEMP database from one of the yahoo groups that I'm apart of, and copied all of the 'Knitting Every Month for other People" list to my computer to compare with the pictures that I've been taking after I finish projects. I THEN had the brilliant idea to start a list in Microsoft Word of how many of each type of project that I've finished this year. (That Ravelry, I tell's going to make me really organized. Too bad it didn't have us all doing the spice racks, the kitchens, huh?)

Now, what did all of this use of time on the computer give me? means with the clipping of the ends off of this, this afternoon:

I can now tell that I've made 18 baby blankets for the year! No wonder it feels like I've been living on the Island of Baby Blankets along with staring in the Ground Hog Day!

Keep in mind, I still have 2 more Feather and Fan Rainbow Baby Blankets that along with most of those 18 were due back in August, AND 2 more baby blankets for family members to complete. One of those babies, came Nov 16th! The last one that I'm 'aware' of, is due on Christmas Day. After I go for a little walk here in a minute, I'll be casting on for yet another blanket. Good thing I'm NOT doing knitted gifts this year. They'd get finished by the 4th of July at this rate, I'm thinking.

UPDATE 11/30/07: The Pattern is once again from, in their crocheted patterns section, called Crayon Ripple Throw. However, I've changed it from a full sized blanket to a baby sized one, but dropping down to an "H" hook, and shortening the number of pattern repeats. Mine come out to ~36" square. Thanks Missy for asking! Oh, and I used Caron's Simply Soft yarn.

How's YOUR list coming along these days?