Sunday, December 23, 2007

HO HO HO.....'s your week coming along? Me....well...I got another Tribble done the other day..this one is going into my Mother's package that will be mailed at some point. I'm supposed to be packing right now. Well, I'll be finished here shortly...I promise. But, while doing laundry...and vacuuming..well, I kinda, sorta...a little sidetracked (what a shocker!)... OK, I was doing laundry out in the garage and I was looking for a 'particular' shade of blue. Why? 'cuz last night I stayed up and charted, wrote, and printed out 10 different new patterns.

Not only did I chart out a few more patterns, but in the process started collecting all the 'left overs' of cotton yarn as I went through my bins. See what I've found? Yep...those are 2 gallon bags there. 2. Not 1. And that would be 3 of them. I'm thinking there'll be Tribbles galore in the foreseeable future around here. Now, how many pots and pans do I have to wash if I make these?