Sunday, March 30, 2008

It's still March..but...

For as long as I've been in Southern California, I still can't get used to strawberries in March. It's a JUNE thing...right? Oh well, we're going to have strawberry shortcakes later today! No matter WHAT the calendar says. (sorry Mom and Dad, I know it's only 40* there today...We'll have some in your honor!)

And the vest, is flying along so long as I quit watching March Madness basketball games and pay attention to which way the cables are supposed to go and which row I'm on..the knit across, or the K1, P1 row....oy! I am loving the way this Paton's Classic Wool is popping out the cables here! Hope this does the trick to keep Dad warm!

Off to meet with the strawberry huller ... I'll be thinking of you all still covered in snow. You can pay me back in June, right about the time they plow under the rest of our strawberries. I'll be very envious at that point. Trust me. It's true.

[Late Update!]

OK, so we made a swap idea for tonight...after looking at the size of some of these strawberries, we opted out of the shortcake just for tonight and while the daughter went to pick up some In and Out for dinner, I melted some chocolate and dipped those puppies! Yummy! The left overs are on plastic spoons waiting for some hot chocolate. YUMM-O! Some days, a girl just had to sit on the sofa and veg with her Mom. And a smart Mom knows when to bring out the chocolate!