Saturday, March 21, 2009


I am in the greater Boston area now, just in time to deliver the Blustery Day Scarf to my son. See? Just in time!

Really, there's a wee bit of snow left..right over there, in the back left hand corner of the parking lot! (click on the picture to see it better...) *sigh* just like getting Dad's wool vest to him in June. Timing...huh?

The other day I decided to knit up a couple of hats to go with the scarf. After all, if it's going to be cold enough at some point again in the future to wear a scarf that's 100" long, he might want a hat to wear, as well.

I ended up with 2 hats. Both are also made with Paton's Classic Wool, in black. On the left hand side, is another of Charlene Schurch's Stockinette Watch Cap from her book, Hat's On! in the 110 stitch size(adult Medium, I believe). I love that pattern for really cold weather-it's knit up on (US) size 6 (4.0mm) needles, so it's a nice, close knit. 1 skein gives you a little bit of left over wool when you're finished with this size.

On the right hand size, is another of my pattern: Cathy's Beanies that you can find right over <<------ there. It's the Adult Medium size.

See how they all look together?

Check this pong tables aren't just for College students anymore! Ahahahah...they're for former college students' Mom's who want to stretch out a 100" scarf for picture day! Now, I got my flat pictures, do you think I got my 'try it on, I want to see how it fits pictures? Pfffft.....nope...because just like that...

They were out the door, heading to NYC for the weekend and an alumni reunion of sorts.

I'm taking that as a sign that he liked them. Swoosh! and they were gone!

What are the odds it won't get lost in NYC?